Award Application Tips

External/Government Funded Awards

Federal Funding includes Tri-agency awards (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC), supporting and promoting high-quality research in a wide variety of disciplines and areas, including health research, natural sciences and engineering, and social sciences and humanities. External funding includes the Trudeau’s Foundation Doctoral Scholarship, which focuses on research areas such as human rights and dignity, responsible citizenship, Canada and the world, and people and their natural environment.

These are highly competitive competitions and please find below some tips based on past observations:

  • Always check for eligibility first on the agency website
  • Budget plenty of time to prepare and complete your application
  • Get in touch with your Supervisors and/or Referees early in order for them to write a strong letter to support your application. It’s also good to give them an earlier deadline.
  • Submit your official transcripts early to our office, Graduate Studies

External/Government Funded Awards

Learn about external and government funded awards including award deadlines and how to apply. 

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Competition Process

Student applies on agency system

University commitee review

Selected students update applications

University submits applications to agency

Agency decisions are announced

Graduate Studies pays award

Internal and Donor Funded Awards

These awards vary in amount depending on the terms of reference of the award, as well as the availability of the funds. Be sure to check our website for the latest list of values for donor funded awards, as well as the departmental website, as you may need to apply through GA3, a Centre, or directly to the department.

Competition Process

Student applies on GA3

Department/Centre review

(Some awards) Faculty review

Graduate Studies offers award on GA3

Students accept offer

Graduate Studies pays award

Internal/Donor Funded Awards

Learn about internal and donor funded awards including eligibility requirements.

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