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Graduate students find themselves at the meeting point between theory and practice. It's a place where they can teach other students and find practical ways to contribute to improving our world.

They find these opportunities in several places at the university, from our tutorial system which gives graduate students valuable opportunities to gain teaching experience to research assistant jobs which provide practical lab experience, to co-op programs. 

Wherever they work and volunteer, our graduate students begin to build the professional experience and contacts which will serve them throughout their careers and make the personal connections which will enrich them throughout their lives.

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Simon Fraser University's popular tutorial system serves its students well. Undergraduate students find that their tutorials help them to learn the materials at a deeper level than simply attending lectures. Graduate students who teach in the tutorials find that the teaching experience prepares them for their future careers and extends their knowledge of their field.

Teaching assistant positions (TA-ships) are offered on a competitive basis each semester to qualified graduate students. A full TA-ship includes set hours per semester for responsibilities that may include class time, course preparation, grading laboratory notebooks or tutorial papers for exams and/or other duties as assigned or required by the Department Chair or the Course Supervisor. See TSSU Collective Agreement for more information. 

Full-time international students with a valid study permit do not require a work permit to be a teaching assistant on campus. (Citizenship & Immigration Canada: Working on Campus). A Social Insurance Number will be required.

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Find current postings for TAs, TMs, and Sessional Instructors.

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Research assistants (RAs) receive invaluable experience in their field. Their responsibilities vary as widely as their fields, but most RAs will participate in a range of activities from practical research to grant writing to community engagement to presentations of their research. RAs are typically engaged by faculty members and are paid by funds from research grants. 

Full-time international students with a valid study permit do not need a work permit to be a research assistant on campus. (Citizenship & Immigration Canada: Working on Campus). A Social Insurance Number will be required.

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Find current research assistant postings or other teaching & learning related research projects at SFU.

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SFU Co-operative Education is one of North America’s largest and most comprehensive Co-op Programs. It has a long and successful history of helping students find satisfying and fulfilling work in their chosen professions.

International graduate students may also participate in co-op work experience but must have the appropriate co-op work permit and Canadian Social Insurance Number.

Please be aware that when you are enroled only in a co-op practicum in a semester, that semester is not eligible for the months of education income tax credit.

Some students may be eligible to enrol in a class while also in co-op. Please contact Graduate Studies by email to if you require additional information.

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Work Study

The Work-Study Program is an opportunity to participate in research-based projects and earn a supplemental income. You will also gain valuable experience connecting with various members of the SFU community and build your co-curricular record.  Because a student’s first commitment is to their studies, Work-Study hours are flexible, on campus and supervised.

Work-Study positions are available during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms. Successful applicants will be awarded 140 Work-Study hours for a term. Not all students who meet eligibility requirements will receive a Work-Study offer. Work-Study will only be offered to students with the highest demonstrated financial need.

If you are an international student you will need a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) in order to be eligible for a Work-Study placement.

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Find out eligibility requirements and how to apply for the Work-Study Program.

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Becoming a volunteer broadens your experience of the university and helps you build a greater sense of the community in the institution.

Volunteering is a particularly valuable experience for international students, who often find that the friends and connections they make can greatly enrich their lives in Canada. 

And volunteering doesn't have to be a lengthy time commitment. From serving as a mentor for incoming international students to helping out your department's graduate caucus, you can find many opportunities to meet your fellow students at Simon Fraser University.

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