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Study Title: Daily Sexual Experiences

Seeking Participants: Young adult women (ages 18-30), living in Canada, fluent in English, and currently sexually-active in a mixed-sex dating relationship

About the Study: We are looking for volunteers for a research study because we want to understand how personality and emotions impact the daily sexual experiences of young adult Canadian women. You will be asked questions about your personality (the way you usually are), difficulties you experience, your emotions, behaviors you may engage in (such as self-harm), your sexual attitudes, and your sexual behaviors. First, you will be asked to participate in a brief screening questionnaire (5-10 minutes) online and if this study is a good match for you, you can earn $10 for completing an interview over Skype (30-60 minutes), $10 for completing a set of online questionnaires (approximately 60 minutes), and up to $62 for completing brief daily questionnaires for 2 weeks.

Deadline to Participate: December 31, 2020