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Study Title: The lived experiences of international students in Canada since the COVID-19 pandemic

The intent of this study is to:

This study aims to understand the lived experiences of international students since the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we want to learn more about the experiences of international students after returning to society and university, given that COVID-19 has not entirely gone.

Ideal Participants:

Current international graduate or undergraduate students who are in Canada to study at SFU

Participation Dates: Until June 30

* InvitationMessage.pdf
Research Description
* Consent Form.pdf
Research Consent Form

Study Title: Exploring Visual Analytics for Personal wellbeing management

The intent of this study is to: know how data from mobile health apps and smart wearable trackers integrate with individual's perceived well being such as how they feel, what activities they do and their social interactions especially when managing chronic conditions like hypertension and to present these data in a meaningful charts.

Ideal Participants: participants willing to self-log their health data for a period of 3-4 weaks using an app developed by the study team

Participation Dates: June 30, 2022

* Consentform-datalogging.pdf
Consent to Participate
* Healthymestudy_poster.pdf
Invitation Poster

Study Title: Simulation-Based Discovery Learning

The intent of this study is to: guide students in developing skills for concept attainment in simulation environments that require discovery practices

Ideal Participants: Undergraduate students who are NOT majoring in Physics

Participation Dates: Until July 30

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Dr. Phil Winne Research
* Consent Form.pdf
Dr. Phil Winne Research

Study Title: It’s a Match! Online Dating App Study

The intent of this study is to: understand psychological traits, social media and dating app usage. Participation is reimbursed with $15 e-gift card. Contact for more info.

Ideal Participants: Men 18 years or older

Participation Dates: Until August 31, 2022

* Consent_Form_v7.pdf
It's a Match! study consent form.