Apply for Withdrawal under Extenuating Circumstances

Withdrawals under Extenuating Circumstances (WE), are requests to withdraw from a course or term due to unplanned and extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are defined as unexpected and uncontrollable events that seriously threaten academic obligations.

How to Apply

Read about Withdrawing under Extenuating Circumstances

Review and understand the guidelines for applying for WE before starting the application process. Determine whether you qualify for Medical or Compassionate WE.

Guidelines and Grounds for WE

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Write a Letter


Compose a short letter explaining your circumstance, what other options you looked into and reason for a WE request.

  • If your request is for a selective WE (not all courses enrolled in the term) an explanation is required on why one course is impacted and not the others
  • If your request is retroactive (after the term has been completed) an explanation is required on why the request was not made earlier

Provide Detailed Documentation


Gather additional documentation that supports your request. If documentation is not in English, it must be translated by a certified professional.

* For Medical WE, documentation from a medical professional must be included. It is recommended that the medical professional completes the Health Care Provider form.

Providing Documentation

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Health Care Provider Form

Download Form

Complete Forms and Submit

Complete the WE form and submit all attachments to

WE Form

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WE Approval

When a decision has been made, you will be contacted by email and the decision will be recorded on your transcript. If a WE is approved it may or may not be associated with a partial refund for the tuition of the course(s). Only refunds on tuition may be granted, students are responsible for paying any additional ancillary fees even if a WE is given. A WE notation will replace the grade on a student’s transcript and has no effect on the CGPA.

Contact Us

If you have not received a decision after 3 weeks please follow up with us.

Send a follow up email

Tuition Appeals

The SFU Enrollment Appeals Committee hears appeals for refunds of tuition fees and late payment penalties if a student has been granted a WE for the term. You must appeal within one calendar year from the time you dropped the class(es).

Appeal a WE decision

Students whose WE applications are denied and feel they have grounds for appealing a WE decision should refer to the Senate Appeals Board (SAB) web for detailed information.