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Make the most of your time as a graduate student at SFU!

Take advantage of workshops, assistance, materials, volunteer and employment opportunities, as well as support services available to you. Learn about—and connect with—other grad students or even share your own story with the SFU community and beyond via our website!

Discover the range of services, departments, resources, and people that can help you navigate your own journey at SFU.

Indigenous + International
Graduate Student Support

Additional resources are available for Indigenous and international graduate students to support your graduate student experience.

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International graduate student support →


We've collated and organized services, resources, and units at SFU that are available to support your grad student experience.

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Take advantage of workshops and support to help you succeed as a graduate student within and beyond the academy.

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We share employment and volunteer opportunities to use your skills and talents, helping you gain experience and connect with others.  

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Learn about our incredible grad students, and supervisory faculty members through their stories. You can also share your own story and put a call out for participants for your research! 

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Read up on the noteworthy people and research happening at SFU. Find out about events, both on and off-campus that can either enhance your experience or take a much needed break.

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