SFU Graduate Student Handbook

Effective September 2021 until August 2022

Types of Admission

Regular Admission

Regular admission applies to students who have meet university minimum requirements completed all of the requirements for direct admission to the graduate program, and have submitted all supporting documentation, such as transcripts and test scores.

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission applies to students who may not have submitted all supporting documentation or who have been given specific requirements to be completed normally within their first two terms. Requirements may be, but, are not limited to, taking specific graduate courses and achieving a defined grade or grade point average. Note the following:

  • It is important that you read and understand the conditions, because meeting these conditions is mandatory for continuance in your graduate program.
  • Any required documents specified in your admission letter should be sent to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies directly from the institution or testing agency.
  • Once your condition(s) are satisfied, your admission will be deemed a regular admission.

Qualifying Admission

Applicants who are admitted as qualifying students are required to take 12-30 units of specific undergraduate courses and obtain a defined grade or grade point average within a certain period, typically within one year of studies. Note the following:

  • if the qualifications are not met by the date set, the student must apply again for admission;
  • undergraduate courses must be taken at Simon Fraser University;
  • undergraduate courses taken as a qualifying student cannot be used for graduate degree credit;
  • qualifying students cannot enroll in graduate courses.