President's Dream Colloquium On Women in Technology

Attracting, Retaining and Promoting Diverse Talent

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Recorded on September 13, 2017

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About the Speaker

Juliette Powell
Founder, Turing AI and, and author, 33 Million People in the Room

Juliette Powell is a media entrepreneur, a consultant and a community catalyst. Drawing on a decade of experience in integrated media including TV, mobile and social media, Powell identifies the patterns and practices of successful business leaders who bank on social technology, communications and data to win. Her live commentary on NBC, CNN, ABC and BBC and presentations at institutions like The Economist, Harvard and MIT emerged from her lifelong interest in community-building combined with a deep knowledge of the people, technologies and business practices at the forefront of connected society. Powell’s consulting services include global strategy and scenarios around the future of connective technology and data, banking, mobile, retail, and social gaming and are employed by the United Nations, Warner Brothers, the Department of Justice, Microsoft, Nokia, The Red Cross and more. In 2011, Powell began working with the E-G8, an extension of the G8 summit, created to inform G8 leaders on the future of the Internet and connected society. In 2017, Juliette joined the IEEE's working group creating the standards in AI to counter algorithmic bias.


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