Adlin Alwyn
2022 SFU 3MT Finals: Runner Up

February 15, 2023

Tell us a little about yourself, your program and your research

I am a post-graduate woman in STEM, who recently graduated from the School of mechatronics systems engineering at SFU. My research was about how we can enable robots to absorb maximum power from wave energy. A little bit about my non-academic side—I love singing and am currently an applications engineer at a motion control company in Vancouver.  

Why did you want to participate in 3MT?

Most of my friends and almost all of my family are not in the field of mechatronics engineering, so I wanted to participate in the 3MT competition to be able to break down complex jargon and give my close ones a sneak peek into what my passions were. Although my initial answer sounds selfish, I believe it’s crucial to be able to communicate effectively to inspire younger kids and to collaborate with peers in other fields.

What did you find out about yourself and/or your research through your participation?

I found out very soon that shrinking a thesis to 3 mins is a big challenge and talking for less than 3 mins is an even bigger challenge (but maybe that’s just me)!

In three words, describe your experience?

Fulfilling, challenging and motivating

What are you doing now and what's next?

I actually pitched my 3MT in my job interview that I landed last July 2022. I am currently an applications engineer who gets to do 3-minute pitches every day - every hour, collaborating with engineers and non-engineers to develop high precision position control stages and robots. 

What would you say to someone thinking of participating in 3MT? 

Just do it! Don’t talk yourself out of it. The experience is far greater than the actual competition, so everyone is a winner. In Canada, employers love to hear about your projects at school and this 3MT sets you up with the perfect elevator pitch needed to charm peers, kids and potential new employers. 


Master's of Applied Sciences

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