"I spend a lot of time researching education and how it relates to Indigenous people from youth to adulthood. Although my program is more about strengthening the numbers of Indigenous in business, it is all relative. If we can give our children a better start, we can set them up for future success."

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Man Kit Yau

January 18, 2024

MBA in the Beedie School of Business

Tell us a little about yourself, including what inspires you to learn and continue in your chosen field

After working for 15 years in Strategy, Finance, and Analytics, I wanted a breakthrough in my career. To achieve this, I not only require an upgrade from my previous BBA program, but also formal training in more advanced areas such as leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, and management in a globalized context. By enrolling in an MBA program, I focus exclusively on self-growth. It is my wish to transform into a better version of myself both professionally and personally by the end of this program.

Why did you choose to come to SFU?

SFU has the exact curriculum that I am looking for. After finishing the coursework, there will be an opportunity for an internship placement. Apart from traditional subjects, it also offer courses on the latest topics in business. By working on business cases with my classmates, they bring ideas, experience, and best practices from all over the world into the classroom. I have to say it is a true privilege to have such a diverse cohort here at SFU.

How have your courses, RA-ships, TA-ships, or non-academic school experiences contributed to your academic and/or professional development?

My learning experience at SFU has been very positive so far. I have completed only one-third of the course at the moment but I already feel I am better equipped to answer some of the more difficult questions in professional context than before. If I had enrolled in this program earlier, I would have handled many business situations a lot better.


Contact Man Kit:sam_yau@sfu.ca

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