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Student Profile: Asura Enkhbayar

March 23, 2020

PhD student in Individualized Interdisciplinary Studies

Asura is PhD student and data scientist at the ScholCommLab working under the supervision of Dr. Juan Pablo Alperin. In his role as a data scientist, he works on various projects related to the communication and dissemination of scholarly work in social networks and digital media. In his doctoral research, Asura is developing an analytic framework to understand and study the political economy of citations. How are citations (and our citation practices) influenced by the scholarly ecosystem and how are we, in turn, capable of shaping and changing the system through our practices?

With a background in electronics and cognitive science, he values both data-driven work as well as philosophical thought and theory development. Drawing from fields such as bibliometrics, philosophy of technology, and science & technology studies, this project is intended to bridge the gap between citation studies and critical theories of scholarly practice.

Asura is on the advisory board of Open Knowledge Maps, co-organising Open Science Beers YVR and, most importantly, he played the main role of Yu in the martial arts short-film The Dojo Part II (which you can find on Youtube).