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Student Profile: Matthew Horrigan

March 02, 2020

PhD student in Individualized Interdisciplinary Studies

Matthew Horrigan is a settler from Ottawa, Ontario, researching the history of small music venues in BC.

He holds a B.Mus in Composition from McGill and an MFA from SFU focussing on sound art. After several years training and working as an "emerging composer," Matthew moved away from the concert music world to gig as a drummer and work in the film industry. Along the way he tried his hand as a playwright, web designer, software developer, construction worker, traffic flagger and stagehand. For the past few years Matt has lived in a collective house with many other people, immersed in diverse and challenging oral histories.

Now that he's back in academia, his research interests include music theory and the philosophy of multimodality, as he works to make intellectual sense of the last few years' many experiences.