About Us

Our mission is to develop a dynamic research and education program in molecular life sciences comparable with the best both in Canada and internationally.

The Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry began operating in 2000. Previously an SFU Institute, it is noted for producing a significant number of prominent industry leaders and notable researchers.

The MBB major provides flexibility for students to tailor their degree to suit their interests and goals. Students interested in research have the option of enrolling in a semester of research intensive course work leading to an honors degree that is excellent preparation for post-graduate studies. Advanced courses are designed to develop skills in critical thinking, data analysis, and communication.

Many MBB students take advantage of our very active co-op program, spending several semesters getting paid on-the-job experience related to their studies. Innovative programs such as the MBB and Business Administration program and MBB and Computer Science program provide education pertinent to development and administration in emergent biotechnology enterprises. Completion of a BSc in MBB meets all of the science requirements for entry into medical school and a broad range of graduate programs.

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Explore how life works from a biochemical, cellular and molecular perspective through a combination of lectures, labs, seminars and hands-on research experience. The MBB undergraduate program provides a broad and rigorous foundation in the Life Sciences, and flexible upper division courses that allow students to focus on their areas of interest as well as meet entry requirements for Medical School, Dental School and other professional programs.