Vocadlo Lab

We create new chemical and biochemical probes of glycan processing enzymes and use these to evaluate the roles of interesting glycoconjugates in cellular processes and diseases.

Cells from all domains of life are coated in glycans that are composed of distinct carbohydrate building blocks. The interdisciplinary laboratory of chemical glycobiology works at this frontier area of molecular biology to explore the functional roles of glycans in cell and organismal physiology.  As part of this effort we study; (i) carbohydrate processing enzymes that act on glycans, (ii) develop chemical and biochemical tools to both perturb the action of these enzymes as well as to monitor glycans, and (iii) the use of these chemical tools to gain new understanding of how these glycans regulate cellular and organismal physiology.  Members of the laboratory work as a team to address new problems in the area of glycobiology and come from different backgrounds including, for example, chemistry, biochemistry, and cell biology.

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Lab Room:

TASC2 8060

Lab Phone: 

(778) 782-7015

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