Jinny Kim

I have fond memories of visiting my sister at SFU during her undergraduate years. She would give me tours of the campus, introduce me to her peers and mentors, and ignite my passion for science. Witnessing her transformation from high school to university was captivating, and it was during those visits that I recognized SFU's potential to shape my growth.

Throughout my upbringing, I've carried a strong desire to make a positive impact and assist others. This drive to give back has always been intertwined with my love for science. The MBB program presents an exceptional avenue for me to contribute through research.

The MBB program perfectly aligns with my career aspirations, as my passion lies in exploring research in this field. The curriculum delves into a wide array of captivating subjects, including cloning, genomics, bioinformatics, and immunology. While all these topics are intriguing, my strongest inclination is toward protein research. Among the various offerings, MBB309W stands out, offering hands-on laboratory experience in the realm of protein purification and quantification. This course not only enriched my knowledge but also enhanced my profile when pursuing co-op opportunities.

Enrolling in the MBB program has provided me with invaluable opportunities to gain practical experience in both academic and industrial research settings. I had the privilege of having my co-op placement at iProgen Biotech Inc as a Research Assistant, focusing on protein-related projects. Additionally, I have been actively involved with Dr. Lisa Craig's laboratory here at SFU, initially as a volunteer and now as a dedicated Research Assistant.

SFU Clubs provide an ideal platform for networking and leadership development. During Clubs Day, I explored various options and found clubs that resonated with me. As time progressed, I embraced leadership roles, culminating in my position as Vice President in certain clubs.

Beyond MBB, rock climbing stands as my favourite extracurricular activity. It promotes physical well-being and provides respite from academia.