Molecular Biology and Biochemistry research at SFU

MBB research at SFU is diverse—with specializations in genomics and bioinformatics, cell and developmental biology, biochemistry, structural biology, nucleic acid function and immunology.

Genomics & Bioinformatics


Immunology & Infectious Disease


Cells, Development & Disease


Function of Nucleic Acids


Structural Biology


Research Safety & Research Opportunities

The department houses several state-of-the art research facilities and a variety of equipment for research and teaching purposes.  These facilities and equipment come with a comprehensive list of safety programs that applies to all areas where hazardous, chemicals, equipment are used, stored and handled.

If you also want to find information on opportunities to develop, explore various aspects of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry under the supervision of a a faculty member, follow the links below to learn more.

Research Safety

Research Opportunities