September 29, 2021

Emma Lacroix
High Yap and Mll1 promote a persistent regenerative cell state induced by Notch signaling and loss of p53 (2021) PNAS.
"Heuberger et al."

October 6, 2021

Aleksa Nenadic
Erythrocyte adenosine A2B receptor prevents cognitive and auditory dysfunction by promoting hypoxic and metabolic reprogramming (2021) PLoS Biology.
"Xia et al."

October 13, 2021

Sabia Sultana
Tryptophan-metabolizing gut microbes regulate adult neurogenesis via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (2021) PNAS.
"Wei et al."

October 20, 2021

Amy Hsieh
p53 reactivation with induction of massive apoptosis-1 (PRIMA-1) inhibits amyloid aggregation of mutant p53 in cancer cells (2019) JBC.
"Rangel et al."

October 27, 2021

Java Rahim
A stable mode of bookmarking by TBP recruits RNA Polymerase II to mitotic chromosomes (2018) eLife(7):35621.
"Teves et al."

November 3, 2021

Eva Momchilova
Dysregulation of mitochondria-lysosome contacts by GBA1 dysfunction in dopaminergic neuronal models of Parkinson's disease (2021) Nat. Commun.
"Kim et al."

November 17, 2021

Diana Giron Ceron 
SRT1720 inhibits the growth of bladder cancer in organoids and murine models through the SIRT1-HIF axis (2021) Oncogene 40:6081–6092
"Tan et al"

December 1, 2021

Diana Mohan 
Interplay between UNG and AID governs intratumoral heterogeneity in mature B cell lymphoma. (2020) PLoS Genet. 16(12): e1008960
"Delgado et al"

December 8, 2021

Effat Habibi 
The deaminase APOBEC3B triggers the death of cells lacking uracil DNA glycosylase (2019) PNAS 116(44):22158-22163.
"Serebrenik et al"