1I am interested in the Interdisciplinary Oncology Graduate Specialization (IOGS) in MBB. How do I apply and how do I find out more about this specialization?

A: You must first be accepted into the MSc or PhD program in MBB. You can then apply to the program through the IOGS Steering committee. The application form is here. For more information send an email to and include IOGS in the subject header.

2: I am interested in the Specialization in Translational and Integrative Neuroscience (TRAIN). How do I apply?

A: You must first be accepted into the MSc or PhD program in MBB. You can then apply to the program through the TRAIN steering committee. The application form is here.

3: I am interested in pursuing a graduate degree related to Bioinformatics. Where can I find more information about Bioinformatics-related opportunities in MBB?

A: See:

4.  I've just started grad school and within two months I have to meet my committee and file my first progress report! What am I expected to prepare in such a short time?

A: The first committee meeting for incoming students is intended to allow new graduate students to meet with their committee members. This is a good opportunity to discuss your future research plans and project, or courses that you plan on taking during your first year. See Guidelines for first supervisory committee meeting for more information.

5.  My project is interdisciplinary and collaborative so I'd like to ask two non-MBB researchers to form my supervisory committee. Will this be ok with MBB?

A: Yes, as long as you have two full MBB faculty members and one SFU faculty member.

6.  My supervisor is an associate faculty member of MBB. Do I have to find a full MBB member to serve on my supervisory committee?

A: Yes, you need two additional full MBB faculty members.

7.  I just finished my first committee meeting and progress report. When will my next meeting be? What will I be required to prepare before each one?

Meeting deadlines:

A due date of approximately one year later will be assigned. You will be notified of your due date by the Graduate Program Assistant. 

Meeting content:

See Guidelines for supervisory committee meetings for detailed information.

Defending your thesis:

Note, it is not necessary to submit a progress report if you are defending your thesis the same term the report is due. It is, however, recommended you have a final committee meeting to review readiness for defence. If you fall into this category, please inform the Graduate Program Assistant.

8.  One of my committee members can't attend my meeting. Can my meeting be cancelled?

A: The absence of one committee member is not acceptable as a reason to cancel your Supervisory Committee Meeting. In such a case, your committee meeting needs to go ahead. Send the absent committee member a copy of the report (via email) and have the committee member complete their feedback online.

9.  How long does it take to complete a MSc or PhD program?

A: Both MSc and PhD degree programs in MBB emphasize research in combination with coursework. As part of the program requirements, a written thesis describing the research must be submitted and defended in accordance with SFU Graduate General Regulations. Since a major part of the MSc or PhD degree program is original research, it is not possible to guarantee precise completion times beforehand. However, the anticipated completion time in MBB for the MSc program is 2 years (6 terms) and for the PhD program is 4-5 years (12-15 terms).