QuantStudio 3 RT PCR machine

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3 RT-PCR machine is taken care of by the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations. The QS3 has an associated computer so in order to use the data analysis program, please contact the Manager (details below) to gain access via SFU ID and password

User Manual (equipment)

User Manual (software)


The QuantStudio 3 RT-PCR machine is a 96 well (0.1 ml block) real time PCR instrument which can be used for a wide range of applications including genotyping, miRNA and gene expression analysis, presence/absence detection, strain identification, and melt curve analysis. The QS3 permits 4 multiplex experiments for all these applications and 3 independent temperature zones for temperature control and optimization.

It can detect differences in target quantity as low as 1.5-fold. The instrument features a full function touch screen -- can be run directly from the touch screen to create and start experiments -- and has pre-optimized protocol templates. Data analysis can be carried out on the associated computer using the QuantStudio Design and Analysis software.

Detailed Specs

Please book through MBB Instrument Booking


MBB Department

Training must be obtained from the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations.


Manager, Laboratory Operations

 (778) 782-4318
E-mail: deidre@sfu.ca