Admission to an accelerated Master’s

Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at SFU (major/honours) may be eligible to be pre-approved for admission to an accelerated master's program for a future term (i.e. after successful completion of the bachelor's program), provided that they have satisfactorily completed at least 90 units of undergraduate course work with a minimum CGPA of 3.67/4.33.

The approved student  will be eligible to enroll in a maximum of ten (10) units of graduate course work, either as electives or upper division required courses at the bachelor's level, while in the undergraduate program. Those units may also be counted toward the program requirements for the future master's program once the student has successfully completed the bachelor's program and has commenced the master's program.

The academic units that accept admission to an accelerated master’s program are as follows:

  • Computing Science
  • Criminology
  • Engineering Science
  • Health Sciences
  • International Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Political Science

Application Requirements

Students must apply to the master’s program and submit evidence (i.e. reference letters from qualified referees) of their ability to undertake advanced work in the area of interest, in addition to the other admission requirements of the program.

Students will be offered admission into the master’s program conditional on completing the bachelor’s degree.

Please refer to the graduate application process and deadlines for the program of interest by going here.


Students are ineligible for graduate scholarships or awards administered by SFU sources until the bachelor’s degree is complete.

A minimum CGPA of 3.0 should be maintained while in the graduate program.

Students must complete at least two terms of full-time registration (or equivalent) in the graduate program.

Students are normally expected to complete a non-thesis master’s degree within 12 months of completing the bachelor’s degree, and a thesis master’s degree within 18 months, although there may be exceptions.

For more information, please refer to Senate paper S.12-21

Please note that the name of the program has been revised to Accelerated Master's as per Senate paper S.16-145