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FASS in the Class: The off-campus visit

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Bring SFU and FASS to your classroom with our guest speaker opportunities! 

We have a roster of highly successful FASS graduate students who are keen to share their research and career journeys with your students. Each speaker will bring a unique perspective to their presentation and will add value to the learning experience by sharing their knowledge and expertise in a humanities and social sciences subject. 

Presentations are subject to change and limited to availability.

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Art BC First Peoples Career Education Comparative Cultures Computer Information Studies Contemporary Indigenous Studies Creative Writing English English First Peoples Explorations in Social Studies History Human Geography Japanese Korean Law Studies Literary Studies Mandarin New Media Philosophy Political Studies Psychology Science Social Justice Urban Studies
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Ashley Kyne Chrysogonus Okwenna Emmet Robins Ethan Schmidt Hana Georgoulis Isabelle Callahan Ivan Fong Jack Farrell Kate Elliott Madison Edge Almond Nicholas Tan Payten Smith Robin Barrett Soraya Janus Sylvia Cho Timothy van den Brink

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