Brown is interested in “questions of sense of place, and the relationship between ideas about the natural world and apparent realities.”

Jason Brown approaches Humanities from a uniquely Holistic and ecological perspective


Jason Brown is an instructor and researcher jointly appointed to SFU’s Department of Humanities and the School of Resource and Environmental Studies which puts him in the unique position of teaching the arts and humanities from an ecological perspective.

Brown is interested in “questions of sense of place, and the relationship between ideas about the natural world and apparent realities.” 

His academic journey on the way to earning a PhD has traversed the fields of history, forestry, theology, anthropology, photography and ecology. 

In addition to addressing these themes in his teaching and research, Brown writes about them on his blog, Holyscapes and runs interactive online workshops that are open to the public. He is also writing an ecological memoir about growing up in southern California where Brown weaves his own memories and reflections into a series of essays in an “attempt to talk about the ways that the world and its creatures are challenging rigid Western categories of ‘Culture’ and ‘Nature’ with Orange County as a case study.” 

Brown says studying and teaching the arts and humanities has shown him “how to embrace and express beauty, love and even grief. Through studying the humanities we see how deeply connected we are to each other and the Earth that sustains us. To perform, write or make art is to participate in the broader creative impulses at the heart of life itself.” 


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