Ghezal Durrani is majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Womens’ Studies and minoring in criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Meet Ghezal Durrani, scholar, survivor and community activist


This is my second year at Simon Fraser University as a transfer student from Langara College, but I am in my fourth years of academics. I am majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (GSWS) and minoring in criminology. My first introduction to GSWS was GSWS 205. This class opened my eyes to social injustice and gender inequality. I am a Muslim woman which means that my inclusion and voice have been invisible for many years.

Also, being a survivor of partner violence for 13 years and leaving the abusive relationship, then facing abuse by the system, led me to major in GSWS. I have a 15-year-old daughter and I want to raise her a strong and independent young woman because she will have to fight for her basic human rights only because she is a woman. Women have been second-class citizens for centuries. Our voices have been shut out but now it is time for change. It’s time to see the commonality among each other is humanity and love.

GSWS raises awareness about inhumanity and violence against other beings which all genders face in their life. My passion for human rights has always lead me to the right doors.

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