Dr. Bill Krane served at SFU from 1979 until 2015.

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In memoriam: Dr. Bill Krane

February 07, 2020

Dr. Bill Krane, former psychology professor, associate dean of arts, chair of the psychology department and associate VP-academic at Simon Fraser University (SFU), has passed away. Dr. Krane served at SFU from 1979 until 2015 when he took on the position of VP Academic and Provost for the University of Northern British Columbia.

Jon Driver, Vice President Academic and Provost pro tem, sent the following message to SFU faculty and staff on February 7, 2020.

Dear colleagues,

I am very sorry to let you know that Dr. Bill Krane has passed away.

Bill came to SFU as assistant professor of Psychology in 1979, and served as chair of Psychology, Associate Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, and Associate Vice-President, Academic. He finished his career as Provost and Vice-President, Academic at University of Northern B.C.

For ten years as Associate VPA Bill was a leader of numerous initiatives that transformed SFU. He was particularly adept at the development of new academic programs in conjunction with new buildings. Notable examples of this work include the creation of programs in Health Sciences and Blusson Hall, the transformation of the Technical University of B.C. into the School of Interactive Arts and Technology and the expansion of the Surrey campus, the renovation of the Chemistry building, and the development of the Great Northern Way property and the Masters of Digital Media. Bill was deeply involved in the partnership with Fraser International College and the re-design of the Discovery 1 building.

Bill was also strongly committed to undergraduate education, and led many initiatives, including a major review of teaching and learning, the development of the Teaching and Learning Centre, the expansion of international education, and the selection and implementation of Canvas as SFU's learning management system.

Bill was widely respected in the post-secondary system in B.C. and Canada as a champion of data-driven policy, analysis and decision-making.

Those of us who worked closely with Bill remember him as deeply committed to the success of SFU and its students, a tireless worker, and a good friend, colleague and mentor.
We extend our deepest condolences to his wife Diane and to his sons and grandsons.