History, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, Global Asia, Humanities, Labour Studies, Sociology & Anthropology

Seats still available in FASS classes

December 21, 2020

Looking for a Lower-division class that develops the practice of microhistory through hands on research? Explore history by doing history in History 200-3: Making History with instructor Hilmar Pabel.

Or study the interconnections between heath and work in Labour Studies 230-3: Work and Health with instructor Jeannie Morgan.

Upper-division courses exploring global issues

Global Asia 400-4: South Asians in the Global Imagination
Instructor: Anushay Malik

Look at the transnational travels and networks of South Asian revolutionaries.

Humanities/History 476-4: History of Modern Greece
Instructor: Evdoxios Doxiadis

An introduction to the social and political history of modern Greece within a European context.

GSWS 431-4: Local Sex on Global Screen
Instructor: Novia Chen

Examine queer Asian cinema in the context of local and global cultures, and postcolonial and transnational perspectives.

Labour Studies 330-4: Labour in China 
Instructor: Xinying Hu

Examine the impact of China’s economic and social transition on labour, including women, rural migrant workers, urban workers, and the unemployed.

Upper-division courses exploring current issues and modern social movements

Sociology and Anthropology 375-4: Labour and the Arts of Living
Instructor: Natasha Ferenczi

Through a global lens, study everyday ways that workers negotiate labour, international borders, and precarious employment.

GSWS 411-4: Feminist Media Studies
Instructor: Natasha Patterson

Explore popular media culture through a feminist lens. Examine issues of class, race, gender, and sexuality across a changing and global media landscape.