SFU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Students Shine in Writing Contest

March 24, 2022

SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) recognizes the outstanding work submitted by our students to the 5th annual Student Learning Commons (SLC) Undergraduate Writing Contest. We are proud to celebrate the results: 11 out of the 16 contest winners are students who are majoring and/or minoring in programs at FASS. 

Undergraduate students were encouraged to submit papers they had written in any SFU course between January 1st and December 31st, 2021. Their work was then judged by a panel comprised of current and retired faculty and writing specialist staff members. Winners received cash prizes, and both winning papers and honourable mentions will be published in the SLC open access journal. Winning work from previous years can be read here.

Submissions to the contest were sorted into four different categories. The First Year category consists of work from students who had completed up to 29 credit units as of September 1st, 2021. The Middle Years category consists of work from those who had completed 30 to 89 credits while the Fourth Year+ category consisted of work from students who had completed 90 or more credit units.

This year, the Plurilingual Prize was introduced to reflect the contest’s foundational goal of celebrating the multilingual and plurilingual work done by SFU students. The prize was available to all SFU students and was awarded to papers that demonstrated the writer’s plurilingual approach to writing and incorporated multiple languages or dialects of English.

View all the award-winning work submitted by FASS students below!

First Year Category

In which two of the five winners are FASS students.

1st place
Siddhartha Minhas, Department of English
Assassinating “the muscular hook of my cock”: Hayes Condemns White Supremacy

Honourable mention
Olivia Wong, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, undeclared major
The Consequences of Sexualizing Young Girls in Reality Television Dance Programs

Middle Years Category

In which four of the five winners are FASS students.

1st place
Victoria Brown, Department of Psychology
Recruitment of Social Media Influencers to Promote Self-Compassion Practices to Combat the Negative Effects of Social Media on Adolescents

2nd place
Rebekah Wong, Joint major in Computing Science and Linguistics
The Perception of Quantifier Raising in Japanese-English Bilinguals

Honourable mention
Hannah Kazemi, Major in Political Science and minor in English
Using Tradition to Inform Perspective and Explore Worldview

Honourable mention
Kanwarveer Sidhu, Department of Political Science
Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation: A Case for the Equal Consideration of All Animals and New Understanding of Non-Persons

Plurilingual Prize

In which both of the winners are FASS students.

1st place
Emily Ma, Department of English
Eating Bitterness (吃苦): Critical to Chinese Immigrant Identity or Perpetuating the Model Minority Myth?

2nd place
Judy Yae Young Kim, Major in Communications and minor in Sociology
AI Translators and the International K-Pop Fandom on Twitter

Fourth Year+ Category 

In which three of the four winners are FASS students.

2nd place
Ethan Gibson, Department of English
“Toying Architecturally with the Bones”: On Sitting Down to Read Heart of Darkness Once Again

Honourable mention
Amanda McRae, Major in English with a minor in Resource and Environmental Management and a minor in Education
Environmental Romanticism: The “Protection” of Nature Perpetuates Erasures of Indigenous Existence from Their Traditional Territories

Honourable mention
Emma Juergensen, Major in Health Sciences and minor in Gerontology
The Land of Compounding Marginalization: Family-Sponsored Immigrant Older Adults’ Access to Dementia Care in Canada

Celebrate the SLC Writing Contest winners! Join the Student Learning Commons on March 30th at their virtual award presentation and live reading.