November 18, 2015

Sepideh Hashtroodi

Sepideh is a senior student in the Interactive Arts and Technology program at SFU with a concentration in Design and a User Experience Designer at SAP, a multinational corporation that delivers enterprise software for businesses. She moved to Canada from Iran in 2009 and decided to change her educational path and pursue a major that was aligned with her passion for design. Sepideh has enjoyed every part of SIAT, fro the morning lectures to the late night team meetings, where great friendships started.  

Through the SFU Co-op program, Sepideh refined her skills as a designer and earned a User Experience Designer and Front End Developer position with Safe Software. This position helped her discover the kind of work she enjoyed and what she was talented at. After her 8 month Co-op position, Safe Software kept Sepideh on as a part time employee while she went back to SIAT to broaden her skillset.

“Co-op gives you the chance to make connections in the industry and expand your skill-set, making the transition from student to professional much smoother upon graduating.”

Sepideh then found an opportunity through Co-op to work as a user experience designer at SAP in order to challenge herself further. After a lot of hard work, SAP offered Sepideh a permanent position after her Co-op term, which she now holds. She loves what she does and is thankful for the opportunity to always be improving her design skills.