May 19, 2015

Hobson Lin

Hobson Lin is all about FCAT. Currently in his third year at SFU, Hobson is working towards a major in Communication, and minors in DialogueInteractive Arts + Technology, and Print and Digital Publishing.

"Communication is such a critical part of everything we do - it is how we learn about ourselves and others; discover new things, places, and connections around the world; and reflect on the past, analyze the present, and explore the future."

Hobson has been involved both on-campus and off-campus intitatives - as an FCAT Peer Mentor, he acts as a guide for newly admitted FCAT students, and aids in their transition to the university. Through Co-operative Education, Hobson has had the opportunity to participate in two work placements, in his latest Co-op he worked as Communications Assistant for the FCAT Dean's Office.