September 19, 2014

Lillian Chow

A keen communicator, Lillian Chow had always known she wanted to study in Communication. As an international student coming from Venezuela, she discovered the field of Interactive Arts and Technology through the SFU website, where her curiosity has led her to pursue a joint degree in both disciplines. She credits the success of her academic and professional career to her early involvement with the Association of Latin American Students, where she took the lead on several marketing and publicity initiatives.

Lillian is a prime example of a student who took advantage of the Communication Co-operative Education program, having been able to jump-start her career in the midst of her studies. With the Co-op program, she completed two 8-month placements: as a New Media Intern at the City of Surrey and Communications Intern at Teekay Corporation. She now holds a full-time position at Teekay, where she manages the internal and external communications for this multi-national corporation, among many other things.

“The experience is invaluable. Co-op gave me all the tools to get ahead and I am very happy with my journey so far. Graduation is right around the corner and now I am very confident I have what it takes to have a successful career.”