2016 MPH capstone presentations

December 14, 2016

NAME: Danhui Li

TITLE: Social, Epidemiological, and Cultural Context of Maternal and Newborn Health: Stories through the Camera: a Photovoice Community Health Assessment about the Impacts of Neighbourhood on Chinese Immigrant Older Adults' Health


December 13, 2016

NAME: Temitope Aina

TITLE: Early Childhood Interventions to Promote Well Being and Prevent Mental Disorders: A Review of Research Evidence and Recommendations for Canadian Contexts


December 12, 2016

NAME: Tatsiana Dudkina

TITLE: Social, Epidemiological, and Cultural Context of Maternal and Newborn Health: Public Health Training for the 21st Century Learners


NAME: Sandra Bodenhamer

TITLE: Using Participatory Methods to Create a Logic Model for Healthiest Babies Possible


NAME: Leila Trickey

TITLE: An Intersectionality-Based Critical Discourse Analysis of Community Resilience to Public Health Emergencies


December 9, 2016

NAME: Dominika Krzeminska

TITLE: Dental Care among Homeless Individuals: Barriers to Dental Care Access


December 6, 2016

NAME: Jacqueline Dubon

TITLE: Indigenous Self Determination in Health in Guatemala: Lessons from Canada and Chile


December 5, 2016

NAME: Cindy Cui Chang Jiang

TITLE: A Socially Innovative Program for People with Disabilities and Mental Health Issues in Vancouver


October 4, 2016

NAME: Chiamaka Ufondo

TITLE: Continuity of Care for Chronic Non-communicable Diseases among Refugees: Challenges and Opportunities


September 26, 2016

NAME: Ahmed Adam

TITLE: Exploring the Use of Quarterly Monitoring Reports in the STOP HIV/AIDS Initiative: A Mixed Method Study


August 22, 2016

NAME: Halima-Sadia Elmi

TITLE: Somali Women's Experiences with Obstetrician Care Providers during Childbirth


August 18, 2016

NAME: Corinne Tallon

TITLE: Review of Health-related Primary Research Involving the Explicit Implementation and Evaluation of Theory or Evidence-based Retention Protocols or Strategies in Longitudinal Studies


August 15, 2016

NAME: Leena Hasan

TITLE: Mixed Methods Evaluation of Community-Run Water Desalination Project in Coastal Bangladesh


NAME: Caryn Lafreniere

TITLE: Sexual Health Information for Women Living with Disabilities


August 12, 2016

NAME: Rebecca Gormley

TITLE: Options for Women Seeking Permanent Contraception: A Systematic Review and Analysis


August 8, 2016

NAME: Arthur Yee

TITLE: Time and Space to Get Back on Your Feet: Patient Experiences at the St. Paul's Metson Rooms


August 4, 2016

NAME: Erin Daly

TITLE: Ecological Action at the Edges of Responsive Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis for Climate and Health Justice


July 26, 2016

NAME: Truelove Twumasi-Afriyie

TITLE: Improving Barriers to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes in Ghana: A Narrative Review


July 25, 2016

NAME: Shaizeen Khan

TITLE: Challenges to Oral Cancer Prevention in the South Asian Population: A Scoping Review


July 21, 2016

NAME: Jodi-Ann Dattadeen

TITLE: Promising Strategies for Engaging African, Caribbean and Black Communities across Canada in the Design and Delivery of HIV/AIDS Programs and Services


NAME: Najma Moumin

TITLE: Homestead Food Production for Improved Household Food Security and Nutrition: A Critical Analysis of the Fish on Farms Program


July 13, 2016

NAME: Zakary Zawaduk

TITLE: The Social Inside: An Autoethnography of the NICYE Styd


NAME: Breanne Reel

TITLE: Non-Profit or For-Profit Volunteer Tourism Organizations Contributing to the Cause of Increasing Global Health Inequities? A Review of Online Marketing Tools


July 12, 2016

NAME: Lindsay Wolfson

TITLE: Examining the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action within Anti-Trafficking Efforts: A Content Analysis of the Canadian Women’s Foundation Anti-Trafficking


July 4, 2016

NAME: Mbaita Shawa

TITLE: Improving Early Childhood Development in Zambia: An Assessment of the Perceptions and Behavioral Changes of Mothers Attending Mother Groups


June 29, 2016

NAME: Alex Donald

TITLE: An Analysis of the Differences in the Canadian and US Guidelines for Depression Screening Among Adults in the General Population: Potential Impact of These Different Recommendations at the Population Level


NAME: Yuna Chen

TITLE: International Student Flourishing at Simon Fraser University: Exploring Factors that Contribute to Positive Mental Health and Well-being


June 27, 2016

NAME: Vishal Jain

TITLE: Colonial State of Mind: Examining the Culture of Healing and the Potential for Wholeness


June 22, 2016

NAME: Madeline Chan

TITLE: The Process Evaluation of the Newcomer Women's Health Clinic


June 15, 2016

NAME: David Le

TITLE: The Health of Racialized Sexual and Gender Minorities in Canada


April 21, 2016

NAME: Gurveen Grewal

TITLE: Are We Turning Brain Drain Into Brain Gain? A Review of Policies Addressing The Human Resources For Health Shortage In Indonesia


April 19, 2016

NAME: Meghan Woods

TITLE: Estimating the joint effect of chemical contaminant mixtures on fetal growth using Bayesian Hierarchical Linear Regression modeling: The HOME Study


April 18, 2016

NAME: Nohemie Mawaka

TITLE: An Impactful Youth-Adult Partnership: Evaluating the Youth Engagement Approach within an HIV intervention in Soweto, South Africa


April 15, 2016

NAME: Yalda Yavari

TITLE: Health of the Planet at Stake: Exploring the Impact of Livestock Agriculture on Climate Change


April 14, 2016

NAME: Kelly Third

TITLE: A Review of the Social Justice Concerns related to the Integration of Palliative Care within the Kenyan Context


NAME: Heather Drouin

TITLE: Beyond Behaviours: A Public Health Strategy for Healthy Aging


April 13, 2016

NAME: Megan Jean Frances Smith

TITLE: Testing the Access as Balance Theory


April 11, 2016

NAME: Beverly Allan

TITLE: Mitigating Non-Point Source Pollution in the Abbotsford Sumas Aquifer: An Evidence Based Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the BC Action Plan to Tackle Non-Point Source Water Pollution


NAME: Sarah Michelle Moreheart

TITLE: BC's Change in Methadone Formulation: A Metanarrative Review of the Literature


April 8, 2016

NAME: Jacqueline Craig

TITLE: Connecting with Nature Program


NAME: Kevin Lu

TITLE: Exploring approaches to integrating Indigenous conceptualizations of wellness into CIHI's Health systems Performance Measurement Framework


April 4, 2016

NAME: Kimberly Charbonneau

TITLE: Exploring Women's Journeys of Heart Disease Prevention - An Evaluation of the Women's Heart Health Clinic at BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre


March 23, 2016

NAME: Kaitlin Atkinson

TITLE: Experience and Impact of a Quality Improvement blended course to address Alcohol, Tobacco and other Substance Use Disorders using the NextGenU.org online model in Kenya.


March 22, 2016

NAME: Hayley Mundeva

TITLE: Ethics of Task Shifting: Exploring the Role of Community Health Workers in HIV Care in Tanzania.


January 19, 2016

NAME: Danielle Smith

TITLE: From Words to Action: Comparing the Disparities Between National Drug Policy and Local Implementation in Tijuana, Mexico and Vancouver, Canada.