2018 MPH capstone presentations

December 4, 2018

NAME: Zandria Morley

TITLE: Co-Design as an Approach to Quality Improvment in Healthcare: Considerations for Healthcare Organizations and Leaders


November 30, 2018

NAME: Sreelalitha Gopala Rao Sarojini

TITLE: Risk Factors Associated with Carbapenemase Producing Organisms (CPO) in Acute Health Care Settings: A Critical Review of Literature


November 27, 2018

NAME: Ezinne Okpara

TITLE: Exploring the Causes and Determinants of Obstetric Fistula and Examining Strategies for Prevention and Management: Focus on Northern Nigeria


October 2, 2018

NAME: Navjot Gill

TITLE: “Ahile tha sukha chha (now it is easy)”: A mid-term evaluation of World Neighbour Canada Society’s and Tamakoshi Sewa Samiti’s Maternal and Child Health Initiative in Ramechhap, Nepal


September 17, 2018

NAME: Richard Han

TITLE: Through the Lens of Culture-Impact on Mental Mastery among First Nations Youth Living on Reservations in British Columbia, Canada


August 22, 2018

NAME: Jessalyn Almond

TITLE: The Surveillance of Clostridium Difficile Cases in Alberta by Comparison of Two Methods: Clinical Infection versus Laboratory-Identified Event Surveillance


August 3, 2018

NAME: Arwen Barr

TITLE: A Concept Analysis of Cultural Safety


August 2, 2018

NAME: Emily Rees

TITLE: Indigenous Mexican Migrant Sexual and Reproductive Health Inequities: an Intersectional and Indigenous Approach towards Identifying Root Causes


NAME: Nigel Morgan

TITLE: Testing the Access as Balance Theory: Evaluating the Trustworthiness of a New Access to Care Theory 


NAME: Hector Com Changsek

TITLE: The Role of Sugar Sweetened Beverages Taxation to Tackle the Obesity Epidemics and Its Suitability in the Context of BC


July 25, 2018

NAME: Jocelyn Clark

TITLE: Factors Shaping Healthcare Providers' Use of Professional Interpretation Services: a Critical Literature Review


NAME: Hassan Omar

TITLE: Female Genital Cutting in Somalia: a Critical Literature Review


July 24, 2018

NAME: Jane Li

TITLE: Potential Barriers and Facilitators to Small Businesses Adopting a Psychological Health and Safety Management System


July 17, 2018

NAME: Chenoa Cassidy-Matthews

TITLE: A Call for Strengths-Based Approaches to Indigenous Public Health


June 28, 2018

NAME: Kristi Papamihali

TITLE: Linkage with Liver Care of People Living with Hepatitis C Virus Infection in British Columbia - The BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort, 1990-2015


June 20, 2018

NAME: Chris Macklin

TITLE: Evaluating "in a good way": exploring approaches to integrating Indigenous worldviews and ways of knowing into the Centers for Disease Control Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health


May 23, 2018

NAME: Sierra Williams

TITLE: Phase One Evaluation of British Columbia's Facility Overdose Response Box Program


April 13, 2018

NAME: Snehal Vaghela

TITLE: Exploring the Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Canadian Immigrants through the Lens of Life Course Epidemiology


April 12, 2018

NAME: Emily Jarvis

TITLE: Bridge for Health: Introduction of a Developmental Evaluation to Support Social Innovation


NAME: Tamar Austin

TITLE: The Inclusion of the Experiences and Voices of Black Women in Canadian Sexual and Reproductive Health Research


NAME: Justine Uy

TITLE: Who Calls the Shots? Promoting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Literacy and Web-based Learning through Kids Boost Immunity


NAME: Heather Bartlett

TITLE: Wellbeing at Work


April 11, 2018

NAME: Julia Goldman-Hasbun

TITLE: Exploring Social Determinants of Health and Service Access among Street-Involved Youth in North American Settings


NAME: Faaria Samnani

TITLE: Fostering Mother-Child Attachment for Previously Incarcerated Mothers within a Community-Based Setting: A Review of the Literature and Recommendations for a Canadian Context


April 10, 2018

NAME: Tatiana Pakhomova

TITLE: Perceived Stress in Adolescents and Young Adults in Soweto and Durban, South Africa



TITLE: Burden and Epidemiology of Residential Fire Injuries in Children and Youth in Western Canada


April 9, 2018

NAME: Sara Bhatti

TITLE: Prevention of Sex Trafficking: A Public Health Perspective


NAME: Madison Huggins

TITLE: Animal Assisted Activities: The Effects on Depression and Quality of Life for Elders with Dementia Living in Long Term Care Facilities


NAME: Rebecca Tucker

TITLE: Reorienting the Responsibility: Sharing and Translating Knowledge to Decolonize Public Health Practice


NAME: Kristina Kattapuram

TITLE: Social Support and Postpartum Depression among Immigrant Women in British Columbia: A Pilot Program


NAME: Adrienne Yeung

TITLE: Traditional East Asian Medicine in the Lives of Queer East Asian Young Adults in North America: A Critical Analysis of the Gaps in Literature


NAME: Karthika Yogaratnam

TITLE: Utilizing Culturally Appropriate Diet Assessment Tools: Proposal for Comprehensive Data Collection of Dietetic Information in South Asian Populations


April 6, 2019

NAME: Ama Kyeremeh

TITLE: Use of AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) among Women Living with HIV in British Columbia: Exploring Priorities for Improved Access


April 4, 2019

NAME: Sadaf Haghdan

TITLE: Development of Road Safety Indicators in British Columbia, Canada


NAME: Lauryn Garrett

TITLE: Systems Thinking in Sierra Leone: A Rapid Review of the Six WHO Building Blocks for Health System Strengthening


April 3, 2018

NAME: Erica Kilius

TITLE: The Importance of Interbirth Intervals: Incorporation of Evolutionary Perspectives into Public Health Maternal-Child Initiatives


January 12, 2018

NAME: Camelle Leung

TITLE: The Potential of Arts-based Engagement to Enrich Social Interactions between Older Chinese Immigrants and Community Health Agencies in Vancouver