2019 MPH capstone presentations

August 14, 2019

NAME: Ashlin Zargar

TITLE: A Literature Review on Task Sharing in Mental Health


July 31, 2019

NAME: Laurel White

TITLE: Examining Antibiotic Resistance: Animal and Human Trends


July 30, 2019

NAME: Shaina Schafers

TITLE: Impacts of Precarious Immigration Status on Access to Health Services for Im/migrant and Refugee Women


July 26, 2019

NAME: Avery Milne

TITLE: Cannabis Promotion on Instagram in the Context of Canadian Legalization: An Exploratory Content Analysis


July 23, 2019

NAME: Maryam Dehnadi

TITLE: What are the Challenges That Refugees Face in Accessing Primary Care Services in B.C.?


July 15, 2019

NAME: Breanna Fraser-Hevlin

TITLE: The Complexity of Implementing Kangaroo Care: A Qualitative Analysis of Barriers and Enablers in Two Neonatal Intensive Care Units in British Columbia


June 20, 2019

NAME: Catherine Sanders

TITLE: "Pushing for Truth and Reconciliation in Health Care Spaces": Indigenous Employee Experiences and Advice


June 12, 2019

NAME: Jennifer McKeen

TITLE: Understanding the Characteristics of New Public Bike Share Members in Vancouver over 2016-2018


April 12, 2019

NAME: Natasha Caton

TITLE: A Critical Analysis of the Resources Necessary to Primary Care Networks to Achieve Coordinated and Comprehensive Primary Health Care


NAME: Manal Masud

TITLE: Integrating Reflexivity: A Proposed Framework for Autoethnographic Exploration to Strengthen Meaningful Engagement of People Who Use(d) Drugs in Public Health Practice


NAME: Cameron Schwartz

TITLE: Conducting a Critical Interpretive Synthesis on Poppers Literature: The Influence of the Medical Model of Health on our Understanding of Alkyl Nitrites


NAME: Sandy Zhang

TITLE: Social Health Inequities and eHealth: A Literature Review of the Digital Divide


April 11, 2019

NAME: Avneet Brar

TITLE: When Greener Isn't Always Better: Unintended Consequences of Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Residential Homes


NAME: Rida Masood

TITLE: Immunizations Outreach


NAME: Lauren De Souza

TITLE: The Political Economy of Tobacco Production in Zimbabwe: Prospects for Tobacco Control


April 10, 2019

NAME: Amanda Pollicino

TITLE: Where is the Magic - A Qualitative Evaluation of an Intersectoral Collaboration Working to Meet the Needs of Vulnerable Youth Frequenting a Pediatric Emergency Department


NAME: Adriana Kanlic

TITLE: Portable HEPA Filter Air Cleaner Use During Pregnancy and Childhood Body Mass Index at Two Years of Age: The UGAAR Randomized Controlled Trial


April 9, 2019

NAME: Kevin Ntwali Rwigamba

TITLE: Health Systems Integration of Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes for HIV Discordant Couples: Lessons Learned from Rwanda


NAME: Maya Henriquez

TITLE: Exploring the Professional Conflicts of Clinically Trained Nurses Transitioning to Public Health Research


NAME: Nathan Milley

TITLE: Selective School-Based Alcohol Misuse Prevention: An Evidence Review of Best Practices


NAME: Yue Yuan

TITLE: Climate Change, Urbanization, Housing Condition and Malaria Transmission: A Case of Ethiopia


NAME: Shantelle Medel

TITLE: The Impact of Indigenous Cultural-Safety Education: A Literature Review


NAME: Joanna Rivera

TITLE: Exploration of Unmet Health Care Needs among Canadian Immigrants


April 5, 2019

NAME: Grace Mwashigadi

TITLE: Factors Associated with Oral PrEP Discontinuation among High Risk MSM Followed up in a HIV-1 Vaccine Feasability Study in Kilifi, Kenya: A Qualitative Exploratory Study


April 4, 2019

NAME: Natalie Johnson

TITLE: Comparing Copper Intrauterine Devices Available in Canada: Secondary Data Analysis of a Randomized Control Trial


NAME: Agnetha de Sa

TITLE: Medical Device Regulation and Post-Market Surveillance: A Policy Analysis to Inform Policy Options for Post-Market Regulation in the Canadian Context


NAME: Gabriela Gonzalez Montaner

TITLE: Supporting Low-income Dads and their Children: Effective Elements


NAME: Nicky Cairncross

TITLE: Family Navigation as a Model of Care: Moving beyond the Barriers


NAME: Natalie Johnson

TITLE: Comparing Copper Intrauterine Devices Available in Canada: Secondary Data Analysis of a Randomized Control Trial


April 1, 2019

NAME: Henrietta Ezegbe

TITLE: Quality Improvement Initiatives to Strengthen Viral Suppression among Adolescents Living with HIV in IHVN Supported Facilities in Abuja, Nigeria


March 25, 2019

NAME: Sarah Watt

TITLE: Police-related Barriers to Harm Reduction and Poor Health Access Linked to Alarmingly High Rates of Overdose amongst Sex Workers Who Use Drugs: Results of a Community-based Cohort in Vancouver 


March 19, 2019

NAME: Stefanie Machado

TITLE: Systematic Review of Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Care for Immigrant Women in Canada


March 12, 2019

NAME: Kara Plotnikoff

TITLE: Clinic Client Perceptions of STI Vaccines: Drivers, Barriers and Preferences


February 20, 2019

NAME: Ashley Henry

TITLE: Inflammatory Biomarkers and Socio-behavioural Risk Factors for HIV in Adolescents and Young Adults in South Africa