2017 MPH capstone presentations

December 5, 2017

NAME: Suzan Efata

TITLE: Examination of the Use of Mobile Health Technology in Improving Maternal and Child Health Outcomes: The Sustainability and Scale-up Potential in Limited Resource Settings


December 4, 2017

NAME: Dana Krementz

TITLE: Connections with the Land: Thematic Analysis of Qualitative Interviews with Community Organizations that Host Land-Based Cultural Wellness Retreats for Indigenous People Living with HIV and/or HCV


September 18, 2017

NAME: Jennifer Emily Larkin

TITLE: Risk Factors Associated with Mental Health Problems in New and Expectant Fathers in High-income Countries: A Critical Literature Review


August 17, 2017

NAME: Patricia Mahecha

TITLE: Health Change Lab: Community and Academia Working Together to Find Solutions to Complex Public Health Issues: An Experience at Simon Fraser University


August 16, 2017

NAME: Amelia Douglas

TITLE: Climate Change and Risk for Human Toxoplasmosis in Canada's North: Public Health Recommendations


August 14, 2017

NAME: Ziaotong Huang

TITLE: Chronic Disease Registries: Does Including Previous Diagnosis of Chronic Disease Improve the Predictive Performance of Case-Mix System on Predicting Heath Care Spending?


NAME: Karyll Magtibay

TITLE: Assessing Partnerships for Action on Chronic Disease Prevention in the Fraser Health Region


NAME: Kelsey Van Pelt

TITLE: Cannabis Impairment in the Workplace: A Jurisdictional Analysis of Drug Testing Policies and Recommendations in the Context of Canadian Legalization and Regulation


August 11, 2017

NAME: Pinithi Jayasundara

TITLE: It's Not Only Learning English: An Investigation into the Challenges and Opportunities for "Fitting in" at University for EAL International Students


NAME: Kehinde Ametepee

TITLE: TWO-EYED SEEING: Exploring the Integration of Indigenous Notions of Health and Wellness into Population Health Approaches to Address the Prevalence of Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Indigenous Communities


August 10, 2017

NAME: Nicole Toffelmire

TITLE: Best Practices to Strengthen the Human Security of Displaced Syrian Women and Girls


NAME: Razaz Agaban

TITLE: Oral Health Disparities and the Underutilization of Dental Services by Refugees in Canada


August 9, 2017

NAME: Nausheen Saeed

TITLE: Breastfeeding Experiences of Immigrant Women in Canada


August 3, 2017

NAME: Owanari Kingson

TITLE: Online Counseling Service for Survivors of Sexual Assault in British Columbia: A Business Case


August 2, 2017

NAME: Christina Myrick

TITLE: Cervical Cancer Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Realist Review


NAME: Nahal Torabi

TITLE: Exploring Provider-Level Factors in the Patient-Provider Relationship that Affect the Provision of Adequate Care to Ethnic Minorities and Provider-Level Strategies to Reduce this Health Care Disparity , with a focus on Indigenous Peoples in Canada


July 28, 2017

NAME: Liheng (Harry) Zhuang

TITLE: Exploring the Phenomenon of Premature Aging in People with Disabilities


July 24, 2017

NAME: Kiranjit Dhesi

TITLE: An Assessment of British Columbia's Response to the Public Health Emergency Involving Opioid


July 18, 2017

NAME: Shazbeen Ali

TITLE: Impact of Patients' Deaths on Healthcare Providers' Emotional Well-being and the Role of Supportive Workplace Strategies


June 20, 2017

NAME: Isla Redhead

TITLE: It is Time to Listen: An Examination of Urban Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention in British Columbia


June 16, 2017

NAME: Chelsea Stunden

TITLE: Bridging the Gap to Stronger Families in British Columbia, Canada


June 13, 2017

NAME: Seon Oh

TITLE: Evaluation of Competence of Route-to-route Extrapolation for Air Quality Guidelines


April 21, 2017

NAME: Bronwyn McBride

TITLE: Negative Consequences of Workplace Inspections for Indoor and Im/migrant Sex Workers: Enhanced Barriers to Health Access among Sex Workers in a Canadian Setting


April 18, 2017

NAME: Farzaneh Mirzaaghaee

TITLE: Night Shift Work and Cancers


April 13, 2017

NAME: Christina Myrick

TITLE: Cervical Cancer Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Realist Review


NAME: Tatum McLeod

TITLE: Cervical Cancer Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Realist Review


NAME: Cynnimon Rain

TITLE: Identifying Public Health Interventions that Improve the Health, Social Well-being, and Quality of Life for People Who Use Drugs (PWUD), to Inform Public Health


April 12, 2017

NAME: Baixue Wang

TITLE: Association between Area-based Socio-economic Deprivation and Neighbourhood Environmental Support for Bicycling in Nine Canadian Cities


NAME: Taylor Fleming

TITLE: DNA on Loan: Indigenous Perspectives on Genetic Research


April 11, 2017

NAME: Louise Smith

TITLE: Promising Practices in After-School Programming for Disadvantaged Children and Youth: A Review of the Literature


NAME: Damilola Ojo

TITLE: Impacts of Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Programs: A Case for the Evaluation of BC First Nations Head Start On-Reserve Programs


NAME: Andrea Bever

TITLE: Cultural Brokers: A Strategy for Promoting Health Equity among Newcomer Women


NAME: Tatiana Popovitskaia

TITLE: Prevention and Elimination of Mistreatment of Women during Childbirth in Health Facilities


NAME: Edrene Dol Cabantog

TITLE: Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of Extreme Heat Events among Homeless Populations in BC's Lower Mainland: A Review of Evidence-Based Approaches and Recommendations


NAME: Cheyanne Stones

TITLE: Building Health Equity Capacity at Fraser Health


April 10, 2017

NAME: Annalise Mathers

TITLE: Rhetoric Versus Responsibility: Exploring the Intersection of Ethics and Media Representations Concerning Aid Assistance in Disaster Settings


NAME: Oluwadamilola Akinyemi

TITLE: An Evaluation Proposal for the Downtown Eastside Second Generation Strategy (DTES 2GS) Peer Integration Process


NAME: Farshad Palad

TITLE: Should Low-level Lead Exposure in the Canadian Population be a Primary Concern for Public Health? An Overview of Lead, Its Health Effects, Current Regulation and Recommendations


NAME: Alayna Ewert

TITLE: Fraser Health Authority Supervised Consumption Site Evaluation Plan


NAME: Michael Jonasson

TITLE: A Scoping Review of Gender Analysis in Diabetes and Obesity Research with Urban Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States


NAME: Kiranjit Dhesi

TITLE: An Evaluation of British Columbia's Response to the Opioid Overdose Epidemic


April 7, 2017

NAME: Erin Gormican

TITLE: An Evaluation Framework to Support a Seniors Falls Prevention Initiative in Richmond, BC


April 6, 2017

NAME: Glen Moulton

TITLE: Routine HIV Testing in Primary Care in the United States: Barriers and Facilitators Influencing the Implementation of the CDC's 2006 HIV Testing Guidelines


April 3, 2017

NAME: Megan Striha

TITLE: Invasive Meningococcal Disease Epidemiology in British Columbia, 1998 to 2016