2021 MPH capstone presentations

Team 1 - PowHer

PowHer: How might we champion community practice & solutions to improve pregnancy experiences and outcomes for Indigenous women in remote and rural BC?

(L-R, Top Row): Stephanie Witham, Anastasiia Lisovskaia, and Nora E. Maldonado. (Bottom Row): Alanah Levandosky and Vivian Jiang.

Team 2 - Femme Hope and Healing

Domestic Gender-Based Violence Among BIPOC Women: How might we increase disclosure by BIPOC women experiencing domestic violence in the Lower Mainland to better support these women during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond?

(L-R, Top Row): Azra Bhanji, Zalina Abner-Green, and Jasmin Chatrath. (Bottom Row): Rajpreet Chahal and Raveena Garcha

Team 3 - OMG You've lost so much Weight Stigma!

Addressing Weight Stigma in Health Disciplines: How might we equip students and faculty in health disciplines with the skills to identify and address weight stigma and reduce discomfort around the topic?

(L-R): Kate Benner, Maggie Hamel-Smith Grassby, and Nicole Savannah Wilkie Shum

Team 4 - KT Team for the Vaccine

Knowledge Translation Impact Analysis: How might we address gaps in BC-CDC knowledge translation strategies to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines for young adults aged 18-34 in BC?

(L-R, Top Row): Catherine Trudeau, Kristyn Lines, and Augustine Kwofie. (Bottom Row): Christopher Allan Brabant, and Julia Jinju Hwang.

Team 5 - Plan-It People

PlanItSister: Support Management Tool: Women who use drugs in BC face gender-specific barriers when accessing overdose prevention sites (OPS) and supervised consumption site (SCS) services. How might we tailor current OPS and SCS services to overcome the specific gendered barriers that women who use drugs (WWUD) face when accessing these services in BC?

(L-R, Top Row): Raveena Gill and Hafsa Sadiq. (Bottom Row): Michael Owusu Budu and Neeru Hayre

Team 6 - CommuniFree

Centering Peer Connection to Non-Discriminatory Mental Health Support in Carceral Institutions: How might we facilitate connection to community and non-discriminatory mental health supports for people in BC Corrections who experience negative mental health impacts as a result of incarceration?

(L-R, Top Row): Angel Maria Kennedy and Mallika Satish Patil. (Bottom Row): Nivedha Ravi and Noor Bajaj.

Team 7 - SROHUB Evaluation Team

Supporting Participatory Impact Measurement for the DTES SRO Collaborative: How might we support the value and impact of the Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Hub program for the Downtown East Side (DTES) SRO Collaborative so that SRO tenants experience better housing conditions and feel empowered and integrated into SRO decision-making processes?

(L-R): Tsion Gebremedhen, Sigbrit Sochting, and Hasham Kamran.

Team 8 - CHange MaKers

Addressing On-Campus Racism at SFU: How might we protect the mental health of BIPOC students who experience systemic, interpersonal, physical, and vicarious racism on campus?

(L-R, Top Row): Chae-Rim Lee and Modupe Ayodele. (Bottom Row): Hannah Shin and Kasun Medagedara.

Team 9 - KEAN Innovations

Improving Access to Pasteurized Human Donor Human Milk Across BC: How might we improve access to pasteurized donor human milk so that all sick and small infants across BC can benefit from nutritious human breast milk with antibodies to fight disease and infection?

(L-R, Top Row): Kimberley Masters and Elmira Tayyar. (Bottom Row): Anna Balsevich and Nicole Favaron.

Team 10 - Engage Mal(e)awi

Engage Mal(e)awi: How might we improve health outcomes for mothers and preterm infants in Malawi through engaging male partners/counterparts in the post pregnancy experience?

(L-R, Top Row): Amy McIntyre and Anna-Joy Ong. (Bottom Row): Bernice Lee and Emily Politeski.

Team 11 - Project SOHPARE

Strategy for One Health Promotion in Antimicrobial Resistance Efforts: How might we improve knowledge translation of the One Health approach from public health veterinarians to the broader public health community so that they can develop solutions for antimicrobial resistance that encompass humans, animals, and the environment?

(L-R): Daksha Jadhav and Talia Strang

Student Acknowledgements

The MPH student cohort extends their thanks, acknowledgement, and appreciation for all of the people that supported them and their projects. To view all of their messages, please click here.