2021 MPH capstone presentations

Team 1 - Sehat (ਸਿਹਤ)

Substance Use and Drug Poisoning (SUDP): Reducing Stigma in South Asian Communities: How might we address stigma to improve access to and use of substance use and drug poisoning (SUDP) services among the South Asian population in the Fraser Health region?

(L-R, Top Row): Manvir Aujla, Tian Rabbani. (Bottom Row): Subana Shahbaz, Bhawna Sharma.

Team 2 - POWER (Parental Overall Wellness & Emotional Resilience Team)

A Wellness Workshop Series Addressing Parental Well-being through the Mount Pleasant Family Centre: How might we promote the development of healthy coping skills and self-care among parents to imrpove mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond?

(L-R, Top Row): Eugene Cheung, Sophia Conradi. (Bottom Row): Padmini Thakore, Meg Signorelli.

Team 3 - Healthy New Beginnings

Supporting uninsured newcomer postpartum women and people in BC: How might we support newcomer women and people without MSP from New Beginnings navigate their postpartum journey through BC's health system?

(L-R, Top Row): Reilly Baldwin, Zoe Osborne. (Bottom Row): Lisa Liu, Amilya Ladak

Team 4 - MHAJOR

Mobile Outreach for Immigrant Mental Health and Wellbeing: How might we ensure mental health services are more effectively accessible to immigrants who face language and cultural barriers in Lower Mainland, BC, Canada?

(L-R, Top Row): Alexander Korzuchoski, Joy Abasta. (Bottom Row): Omobolade Osinowo, Rabeya Begum.

Team 5 - Team Climate Action and Hope (TCAH)

Mental Health Impacts of Climate Change Amoung Youth in Rural and Remote Communities in Northern BC: How might we promote healthy coping and build resilience to the mental health impacts of climate change on youth (age 12-24 years) in rural and remote communities in the Northern BC?

(L-R, Top Row): Genevieve White, Simran Jawanda. (Bottom Row): Maddy Crabtree, Reilla Archibald.

Team 6

Cultural Connections: Improving peer-to-peer maternity supports for pregnant newcomers in BC: How can we better promote culturally safe and relevant maternity supports for newcomers in the lower mainland of BC?

(L-R, Top Row): Georgia Hume, Charlotte Moores. (Bottom Row): Sarina Prasad, Xiaobing Cheng.

Team 7 - New Leaf

Supporting Children's Well-Being During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic: How might we inform the efforts of researchers and/or policymakers to support the developmental, social, and emotional wellbeing of children (ages 5-9) during and after the pandemic?

(L-R, Top Row): Dolapo Abe-Dada, Ali Zapernick, Yasmeen Mezban. (Bottom Row): Kyle Chankasingh, Samira Karsiem.

Team 8 

Migration in Education: How might we integrate immigrant health within the Master of Public Health curriculum at Simon Fraser University to improve training for future public health leaders, preparing them to face the current needs of the Canadian population?

(L-R, Top Row): Kelly Banh, Haley Montgomery. (Bottom Row): Diego Sanchez, Marcela Ardengue P. Silva.

Team 9 - Spectrum

Improving Career Outcomes for the Neurodiverse Community in Greater Vancouver: How might we improve career opportunities for neurodiverse populations in British Columbia so that they can experience more sustainable and long-term career outcomes?

(L-R, Top Row): Christine Howlett, Mana Moshkforoush. (Bottom Row): Natalie Aspinall, Spencer Hussynec