2020 MPH capstone presentations

Spring 2020 Capstone Presentations

Anosha Afaq

Preventing Child Maltreatment: A Systematic Review

Kristy Allen

Understanding the Impact of Youth Engagement on Positive Youth Development

Nadra Ansari

A Critical Literature Review: Low Uptake of Modern Contraception in Rural and Urban Slums of Pakistan: Exploring the Intricacies

Noorah Atiyah

Magnesium Recovery from Asbestos Tailings in Quebec

Shyrose Aujla

Measuring the Socio-economic Impacts of Health Interventions to Address Global Infectious Disease Outbreaks: A Proposed Framework for UNDP-supported Global Fund Grant Implementation

Elisa Castro Noriega

The Impact of a Training Program to Educate Clinicians about Mental Health Act Rights Advice Communications and Practices

Kathy Chan

We All Can Help: Evaluation of an Online Gender-Based Violence Learning Series

Aneisha Collins-Fairclough

Exploring Optimal Timing of the Second Dose of HPV Vaccines in Two Dose Schedules

Kiranjit Dhesi

An Assessment of British Columbia's Response to the Public Health Emergency Involving Opioid

Farida El Kalaawy

Building Health System Resilience through a Localization Approach to Epidemic Control: Lessons from an Acute  Diarrheal Disease (ADD) Outbreak in Somaliland

Michael Friesen

Critical Evaluation of Radon Detector Library Lending Programs in Canada

Alisha Hussey

A Critical Literature Review of the Gendered Implications of Resource Extraction Camps: How Hypermasculine "Camp Culture" Impacts Men's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Jillian Johnstone

The Effects of Settlement Location on the Mental Health of Female Immigrants in North America

Habib Lawal

Assessing the Efficiency of Prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) Program in Nigeria: Literature Review

Stephanie Liu

Integrating Virtual Health into Perinatal Care: A Critical Review of Literature

Viseth Long

Factors Associated with Drug Checking Service Utilization among People Who Use Drugs in a Canadian Setting

Bethel Lulie

Exploring Disability as a Risk Factor for HIV Risk Behaviours among Women Living in Urban Informal Settlements in Durban, South Africa

Amanda Monteiro

Physician Regulatory College Policies Shaping Primary Care Access and Scope

Olubusola Onasile

A Program Plan for Mixed Method Community Based Research Study of Structural Factors Affecting the Health of African Migrant Women Living in British Columbia

Jaspreet Randhawa

Tent Cities: An Unintended Consequence of Housing Policies

Pratik Sanghavi

Barriers to Seeking Treatment amongst Oral Cancer Patients in India

Sarah Spencer

Criminalising HIV: A policy analysis of legal approaches to HIV non-disclosure, exposure, and transmission in Canada, the United Kingdom and California

Saara Thakur

The Association between Sex-Selective Abortion and Gender-Based Violence in India

Krishna Todi

Increasing ‘Hardly Reached’ Populations in Research in B.C. and Beyond

Jessica Trawin

Partner Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa

Natasha Vitkin

Knowledge Translation through Infographics: Theoretical Principles and Practical Guidelines

Vi Vu

Role of Microfinance in Women's Empowerment: A Review of Research Evidence and Recommendations

Aleyah Williams

Imagining Culturally Safe Abortion Services in B.C.: An Intersectional Policy Analysis

Rachel Wong

Fathering and Its Association with Lower Odds of Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in Informal Settlements in South Africa: A Cross-Sectional Study

Angelica Yee

Assessing Current Knowledge and Impact of Claim Suppression in Canada: A Literature Review

James Young

Mental Health and Substance Use Screening Practices among Clients Accessing HIV Testing and Other Sexual Health Services: A Scoping Review

Summer 2020 Capstone Presentations

Zarghoona Abdul Wakil

Integrated Mental Health Services for Immigrants and Refugees in Canada

Elise Blake

The Year of the Rat: The Ecology of Hepatitis E Virus in Urban Rats

Natalie Buglioni

Housing Instability and Gender-based Violence Among Women Sex Workers in Vancouver, Canada: Findings from a Prospective, Community-based Cohort

Hannah Caird

Screening History and Sociodemographic Characteristics of Women with Cervical Cancer in BC

Lauren Churchill

Breaking Free Online: A Virtual Health Evaluation

Mohamad Dalati

Antibiotic Resistance in British Columbia:  An Exploratory Analysis of Prescription Rates and Interventions

Winslow Edwards

Our Resilience, Our Pride: A Grounded Theory Exploration of Sexual and Gender Minority Community Resilience in the United States

Sadeem Fayed

Peers4Wellness: Indigenous Model of Hepatitis C and HIV Care

Matthew Gill

Trends in Industrial Carcinogen Air Emissions in Canada Using the NPRI Database

Kelsey Lee

Priority Setting for the Overdose Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for Peer Engagement in British Columbia

Min Hye Lee

The North American Opioid Epidemic and the Stratification of opioid-related Adverse Outcomes in Physical Labour Groups: A Data Review

Amy Mawdsley

Indigenous Women Voicing Experiences of HIV Stigma and Criminalization through Art

Chris Niosco

Strategies for Improving Electronic Health Record Data Quality in Multiple Health Care Settings: A Systematic Review

Kandice Pardy

The Legal and Political Environments Concerning Adherence to HIV Medications Among Registered Refugees Living with HIV in Malaysia

Dasha Reddy

Improving Medication Adherence Among Migrants Living with HIV: A Qualitative Analysis of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Registered with UNHCR Malaysia

Sarah Van Essen

Nation-Rebuilding and Resurgence of Land-based Healing in Northern BC: A Scoping Review to Inform Wise Practices for Responsive Program Evaluations

Eugene Yau

Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Reducing Prolonged Sitting in Workplaces: A Literature Review

Fall 2020 Capstone Presentations

Stephen Thomson

Applying a Cultural Safety and Humility Framework to the Environmental Impact Assessment Model