President's Dream Colloquium

Past President's Dream Colloquiums

Fall 2022

Indigenous Peoples and Local Community Perspectives on Sustainability and Resilience

Explore how some Indigenous peoples and local communities understand sustainability and resilience and how their traditional worldviews might provide models for more sustainable futures for their communities and others.

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Spring 2021

From Conversations to Action: Creating from Social Justice Research

Connect your passion for social justice through creative academic conversation. Take innovative interdisciplinary research from distinguished scholars and experiment with your peers to communicate it in engaging ways to a public audience.

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Fall 2019

Creative Ecologies

We must challenge ourselves to face the environmental bad news and imagine human and nonhuman life in strikingly new and different ways.

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Spring 2019


Inspire and mobilize as the next generation of researchers, policy-makers, activists, artists, and advocates with an interdisciplinary understanding of the past, current, and future response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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Fall 2018

Making Knowledge Public

Explore how public policy is shaped by research, How actively the public is  already involved in science, and how research and scholarship are taken up by the public.

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Fall 2017

Women in Technology

The value of diverse teams is understood but solutions are still needed to ensure the participation of women and other under-represented groups.

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Spring 2017

Understanding Medical Marijuana

Review the current state of research on the general topic of marijuana for medical purposes, and provide perspectives from various aspects of marijuana.

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Fall 2016

Returning to the Teachings

Explore justice, identity, and belonging in the context of Education for Reconciliation. Create a rich experience of knowledge mobilization, diverse community engagement and capacity building for a new vision.

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Spring 2016

Engaging Big Data

Look at issues related to the design and technology of big data, epistemological problems around datum evidence, analysis and meaning, ethics, and regulation of its practices.

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Fall 2015

Traveling for Health

Challenge your understanding of what forms travel for health is taking and what impacts traveling for health is having both within Canada and internationally.

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Spring 2015

Protecting Indigenous Cultural Heritage

Explore new approaches to collaborative research and policy development, with a particular focus on those that foreground the interests and concerns of Indigenous communities.

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Spring 2015

Obedience and Disobedience

Examine the rights and obligations to civil disobedience regarding climate change for the public and beyond.

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Spring 2014


Entrepreneurship turns ideas and vision into ventures that survive and thrive given the right conditions, motivation and knowledge.

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Spring 2013

Justice Beyond National Boundaries

Bring into sharper focus the issues that a credible theory of global justice must address.

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Fall 2012

Emergence and Complexity of Life

From a scientific and philosophical perspective, explore the origin of life and the evolutionary progression leading to the emergence of human intelligence.

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