Course No.



MBB 201-3 D100      Biochemistry of the Cell      Eugene Chu     
MBB 222-3 D100 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Eugene Chu
MBB 231-3 D100 Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Ingrid Northwood
MBB 308-3 D100 Molecular Biology Laboratory Stephanie Vlachos
MBB 321-3 D100 Intermediary Metabolism William Davidson
MBB 322-3 D100 Molecular Physiology Nancy Hawkins
MBB 323-3 D100 Introduction to Physical Biochemistry      Jenifer Thewalt
MBB 324-3 D100 Protein Biochemistry Mark Paetzel
MBB 331-3 D100 Molecular Biology Stephanie Vlachos
MBB 342-3 D100 Introductory Genomics and Bioinformatics      Fiona Brinkman
MBB 427-3 D100 Immune System II: Immune Responses in Health and Disease     Jonathan Choy
MBB 428-3 D100 Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis Lisa Craig
MBB 431-3 D100 Cells and Disease Lynne Quarmby
MBB 436-3 D100 Gene Expression Barry Honda
MBB 446-3 D100 Cell Death and Cell Survival Sharon Gorski