Beckman Avanti J-20XP Centrifuge

The Beckman Avanti J-20XP centrifuge is taken care of by the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations. All users must contact the Manager (details below) to receive training and gain access to the rotors which are stored in a locked location. Users must supply their own tubes and they must be the tubes specified by Beckman for each rotor. Each rotor manual has a page listing the acceptable tubes that can be used.


1) Receive training on the use of the machine.

2) Use the correct rotor with the correct machine.

3) Use the correct tubes with the correct rotor.

4.a) Do NOT under or overfill the tubes.

4.b) Balance the tubes to within 0.05-0.1g of each other.

5) Balance the load in the rotor.

6.a) Place the rotor correctly on the centrifuge spindle.

6.b) Know the maximum speed of the tubes, the rotor, and the centrifuge. They may not be the same.

7) Do NOT spin at or close to the maximum speed. 

8) Stay with the centrifuge until full operating speed is reached. If there are unusual noises or vibrations, shut the machine down ASAP.

9) When the run is finished, remove the rotor, check that it is clean and dry.

10) Report any concerns to the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations.

User manual (equipment)

User manual (JA-17 rotor)  


The Beckman Avanti J-20XP centrifuge is a refrigerated floor model centrifuge with control of temperature, speed, and friction. The rotor chamber temperature can be set between -10 to 40C, the speed depends on the rotor used, and there is an internal vacuum pump that reduces the pressure inside the rotor chamber to reduce air friction and help maintain the set temperature.

Detailed Specs

Please book through MBB Instrument Booking


MBB Department

Training must be obtained from the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations.


Manager, Laboratory Operations

 (778) 782-4318