Academic Advising

Student Responsibility 

Each student is responsible for ensuring that his or her academic choices meet the requirements for graduation.  All requirements are outlined in the SFU Calendar, which is available online. Please note that the SFU Calendar is considered the authority for official information, therefore we recommend that students refer to the calendar for information pertaining to Program Requirements, including course prerequisites.

Academic Advising Information

Academic advisors are available to support and guide you throughout your undergraduate degree at SFU. They can help you with program/degree planning, degree requirements, and any other questions regarding your academics.

  • For first year FASS students (newly admitted students are undeclared)
  • Course and degree planning
  • FANx99, FALx99, and WQB requirements
  • Choosing a program 

Student Services Advising

  • For newly admitted students or students who have less than 60 units transferred to SFU 
  • Course and degree planning
  • FANx99, FALx99, and WQB requirements
  • Choosing a program 
  • Academic difficulty (AP/BOT/RTW)


Psychology Academic Advising

  • Psychology undergraduate advising is for students who are declared into a psychology program. 
  • Course and degree planning
  • All other academic advising related inquiries
  • To declare into a PSYC program, click here


Psychology Undergraduate Advising

  • Contact our Student Affairs Coordinators at or book an appointment via Advisor Link
  • When emailing our advisors, please always include the following:
  • Please also check our PSYC FAQ here for responses to common questions     
Booked Advising Appointments (Online & In-Person) 
  • Currently, our advising appointments are done remotely via Zoom and booked through Advisor Link
  • In-person, booked appointments are available by request; please email us at
Drop-In Advising Hours (Online): 
  • Tuesdays 10AM-11AM and Fridays 10AM-11AM*
    • Drop-ins cancelled on Friday May 3rd    
  • To access the Zoom Link, please log in to Advisor Link. 
  • Drop-in advising are for quick inquiries; if you would like to discuss graduation checks or program planning, please book a 20 minute advising appointment with us via Advisor Link

Academic Advisors



RCB 5252



RCB 6153

Beth Ren (on leave)


RCB 5253

Psychology Declaration

Declaration means formal approval into the program. Newly admitted students including transfer students are undeclared. If you are waiting to declare into the PSYC Major, Joint Major, or Extended Minor, we recommend declaring into the Minor first and then switching. You can submit your declaration request via our declaration form here once you have completed the following: 

To declare your program, please complete the form by the following dates to guarantee your declaration into our PSYC programs before the start of the enrollment period:

-  November 1  (Spring enrollment)
-  March 1  (Summer enrollment)
-  July 1  (Fall enrollment)

Any declaration requests submitted after these dates will be delayed and will be processed on an on-going basis.