Career and Professional Development Workshop Series

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in partnership with Career and Volunteer Services offers a three-part series for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Whether you would like to narrow your career options or use your skills to zero in on your career target inside or outside of academia, this series of workshops would help you take the lead on your own career path.

What’s in it for you?

Proactively tap into your education and experiences, helping you design an intentional action plan to guide your next steps and career management strategies.

You’ll walk away with substantive takeaways and tools that you may return to again and again. 

About the Series


  • build on the previous so must be taken in order
  • are offered every term
  • can be completed over multiple terms
  • are facilitated by an expert from Career and Volunteer Services
  • have limited seating so sign up early

Session 1 -- Getting Started

Use an evidence-based approach to:

  • take stock of your current situation, interests and strengths
  • explore your values and priorities
  • identify future career possibilities inside and outside of academia 

Upcoming Sessions:

  • May 8th - 2:30-4:30pm - Library Room 7010, Burnaby Campus

Pre-requisites: none 
Registration required: Register Now!

Session 2 -- Connecting the Dots and Prioritizing 

Distill and prioritize what matters most to you and craft a Career Statement that will act like a compass and set you up for creating, recognizing, and acting opportunities to move forward.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • May 23rd - 2:30-4:30pm - Library Room 7010, Burnaby Campus

Pre-requisites: Session 1 
Registration required: Register Now!

Session 3 -- Taking Action and Moving Forward

Devise an action plan and identify ways to take meaningful actions to make well-informed career, work, and life choices. 

Upcoming Sessions:

  • June 4th - 2:30-4:40pm - Library Room 7010, Burnaby Campus

Pre-requisites: Sessions 1 & 2
Registration required: Register Now!

More About the Tools

Career Sketch
A snapshot of your desires, strengths, assets, and possibilities from your significant career and life events and experiences; essential bits of data that help you frame choices for creating your inspired next move with confidence. 

Career Statement
Capture the essence of who you are, what matters to you, and how you want to be in the world in your own words. Use this tool to navigate our unpredictable and changing world, in conversations, and have concrete language for your LinkedIn Profile, resumes and cover letters.

Exploration Plan
An interactive worksheet to help you notice clues and identify intentional actions which will set you up to strategically explore possible future scenarios.

For Students in the APEX Certificate Program - registration for the APEX Certificate program has been discontinued and participants currently enrolled in the program have until Summer 2019 to earn their certificate.

If you are currently in the APEX Certificate Program and are hoping to complete, please contact us at and we can work with you to make sure your requirements are met.