Danièle Moore

Academic Coordinator, PhD en Langues, Cultures et Littèraties (en Français)
Faculty of Education


I hold a PhD in Linguistics and Language Education from the University Stendhal-Grenoble 3 (France) entitled: Apprentissage du français langue étrangère en contexte plurilingue: le cas des Indo-Pakistanais scolarisés à Bradford en Angleterre [Learning French as a Foreign Language in multilingual contexts: Indo-Pakistanese students in Bradford, England] (1992), under the direction of Louise Dabène. I later defended a Habilitation as a Research Director (HDR), entitled Plurilinguismes et École. Représentations et Dynamiques d’apprentissage (2003). After 4 years as a Research and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), I started my academic career as an Assistant Professor working with Daniel Coste at CREDIF (Centre de Recherche et d’Étude pour la Diffusion du Français) at École Normale Supérieure de Fontenay/Saint-Cloud, then as the Head of the Linguistics Department at École Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines (ENS-LSH) in Lyon (France). I integrated the Sorbonne University in 2002, before moving to Canada, first as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in 2004, and as a Full Professor in 2008. I am currently a Distinguished Professor at SFU (since 2019), as well as a Research Director at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, France (EA 2288-Laboratoire DILTEC-LPI-LittératieS, Plurilinguisme, Interculturel).

I am a member of the Editorial Boards of 20 international journals and 3 Book collections, based in Canada, Denmark, England, Spain, Finland, France, Iran, Japan, Senegal, Switzerland and Turkey, and acted as a co-Editor in Chief for the book collection Langues et Apprentissages des Langues (LAL, Didier, with Daniel Coste), and for two major international journals in the field of language education, Recherches et applications/Le Français dans le Monde, and the Canadian Modern Language Review/La revue canadienne des langues vivantes (CMLR/RCLV).

I authored two books, four Reference Studies for the Council of Europe, and over 110 journal articles and book chapters. I also co-edited six books and six special issues for a variety of international journals.

Molinié, M. & Moore, D. (dir.) (2020). Mobilités contemporaines et médiations didactiques, Recherches et Applications - Le Français dans le Monde (68). Paris. France : CLE international-FIPF.

Moore, D. & Sabatier, C. (2012). Une semaine dans la vie de classes d’immersion au Canada. Approche ethnographique pour la formation. Grenoble: Presses Universitaires de Grenoble. ISBN 978-2-7061-1744-2

Moore, D. (2006). Plurilinguismes et école. Collection LAL (Langues et Apprentissage des Langues), Didier, Paris. ISBN : 978-2-278-06078-8

Research Interests

My interest interests in educational sociolinguistics cover the study of plurilingualism in societies, endangered languages and language reclamation, diasporas, language policy, and plurilingual education and curriculum development, with a focus on teacher training and French education. I favour inquiry methods blending visual, narrative, performative, poetic (auto)ethnography, language biographies, and participarory action research that engage collaborations between teachers, learners, families, communities, and museal institutions, locally and across contexts.

Using international participatory and collaborative approaches to teacher-training, I examine diversely situated ecologies to explore how the theoretical lens of plurilingualism can contribute to raising awareness of translingual practice as an asset to challenge beliefs and praxis and produce alternative knowledges around teaching, learning, and researching-as-teacher-training.

Mes intérêts en sociolinguistique éducative couvrent l'étude des plurilinguismes dans les sociétés, les langues en danger et la revitalisation des langues, les diasporas, les politiques linguistiques, l'éducation plurilingue et le développement curriculaire, avec un accent sur la formation des enseignants et l'éducation en français. Je privilégie les méthodologies d'enquête mêlant visuel, narratif, performatif, (auto)ethnographie poétique, biographies linguistiques et recherche-action participative qui engagent des collaborations entre enseignants, apprenants, familles, communautés et institutions muséales, localement et à travers différents contextes.


Educational sociolinguistics and multilingual acquisition; Plurilingualism, Plurilingual and Pluricultural Competence (PCC); Third Language Acquisition (TLA); Multilingual and Multimodal Literacies; Code-switching, translanguaging and plurilingual interactions in families and in the classroom; Language Awareness, cross-linguistic awareness; Language revitalization; Language policies, (European) Language portfolios, FREPA/CARAP (Council of Europe/CELV); CLIL/EMILE; French as a second and third language; Éducation plurilingue/Plurilingual education; Plurilinguismes, francophonies et sociétés; Didactique des langues et du plurilinguisme.

Research Highlights 

Moore, D. (2021). Connecting educators, families and communities through PASTEL (Plurilingualism, Art, Science, Technology and Literacies) approaches in and around French immersion. In Guofang Li, Jim Anderson, Jan Hare & Marianne McTavish (Eds.). Superdiversity and Teacher Education. Supporting Teachers in Working with Culturally, Linguistically, and Racially Diverse Students, Families, and Communities (Pp. 187-202). New York & London: Routledge.

 Pearce, D., Oyama, M., Moore, D. & Irisawa, K. (2021). Plurilingualism and STEAM: Unfolding the Paper Crane of Peace at an Elementary School in Japan. International Journal of Bias, Identity, and Diversities in Education (IJEBID), 5(2),1-23.

Moore, D., Oyama, M., Pearce, D.  & Kitano, Y. (2020). Plurilingual education and pedagogical plurilanguaging in an elementary school in Japan: A perspectival origami for better learning. Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices, 1(2), 243-265.

Carinhas, R., Araujo, H. & Moore, D. (2020). Mi calle favorita: multimodality reconstruction of landscape’s Old City of Montevideo in a School-Museum-Family plurilingual project, Special Issue Linguistic Landscapes, Domínios da Lingu@gem, 14 (4), 1-27.