Counselling Psychology

Our Counselling Psychology programs prepare individuals for careers as professional counsellors in community and educational settings. Graduates find rewarding careers providing counselling services (individual, group, personal, and career counselling and psycho-educational services) to adults and children in a variety of settings settings.


Both the Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Education (MEd) degrees in Counselling Psychology are suitable for students who wish to practice counselling in various professional settings. 

The MA degree is suited for those who wish to conduct original research (in the form of a thesis) as part of their graduate studies. Students who are interested in pursuing a PhD in Counselling Psychology should consider the MA degree because most doctoral programs include a dissertation and accept applicants who have completed a thesis at the Masters level.   

The MEd degree requires the completion of a comprehensive examination covering professional practice and ethics in counselling and a required course on counselling in educational settings. 

"SFU prepared me for effective and ethical counselling practice in more ways than I realized while I was in the program. I also met incredible people who became friends and trusted colleagues. The scholar-practitioner focus of the program continues to be the strong foundation from which I serve my clients and community."

Eleonora Joensuu, Counselling Psychology, MEd, 2021; Curriculum, Theory and Instruction: Philosophy, PhD, 2018


Academic Coordinators

Core Faculty

Teaching faculty within the Counselling Psychology area of study, and associated programs.

Senior Counselling Psychology Supervisors for MA Thesis 

Tenured and tenure-track Counselling Psychology faculty members who are senior thesis supervisors.

Faculty of Education Supervisors for MA Thesis

Faculty of Education faculty members who are thesis supervisors from interconnected areas of study, and programs.

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