Themes in Community

The Faculty of Education offers themed programs that are often situated in communities. These cater to practicing educators who wish to improve their abilities to critically read, evaluate and integrate educational theory and research. The program's focus will be on a theme that integrates scholarly inquiry with focal interests and professional practice needs. Classes normally are scheduled every second weekend at the program location.

Features of Themed Cohorts: 

  • themes of current interest, that are sensitive to educational and social trends
  • trans-disciplinary involvement/collaboration
  • cohorts comprised of students from diverse organizational settings and diverse professional backgrounds (schools, colleges, universities, health and community services, public and private sectors, ex. NGOs, non-profits, businesses)
  • classes convened at the site of the partnering institution or organization
  • weekend scheduling suited to the needs of working professionals
  • emphasis on both scholarship and practice, with proportional emphasis on theory, research, practical applications, and skills/competencies
  • cultivation of dialogue and mutual support among cohort members from diverse backgrounds
  • Cohort events, such as: in-depth Orientation, field trips, capstone celebration, Summer Institute conference, and guest speakers

Master of Education Cohort Themes may Include:

Curriculum & Instruction Themes
  • Children's and Young Adult Literature
  • Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education 
  • Ecological Education
  • French Education
  • Health Education and Active Living
  • Imaginative Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Post-Secondary
Educational Leadership Themes
  • Educational Leadership K-12
  • Educational Leadership Post-Secondary
  • Imaginative K-12 Leadership

Doctor of Education Themes may Include:

  • Educational Leadership K-12
  • Educational Leadership Post-Secondary


  • Learn the skills necessary to competently teach texts for youth in the classroom while co-creating a range of pedagogies for teaching diverse narratives in B.C.’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. What and how we read alongside youth matters.


  • Learn how to fill the growing hunger for contemplative perspectives and practices in educational institutions, communities and the world at large.


  • Explore a variety of different conceptual frameworks and societal perspectives on the environment and address a range of global issues in this program. Reconnect with the natural and technological environments that sustain us in our emerging post-industrial society through: laboratory and research sessions; seminars on important global environmental issues; and independent opportunities for student-led research and guided inquiry both on-campus and to other field locations in the Georgia Basin region.


  • Explore active and interactive ways of maintaining health, vitality and well-being while learning to integrate scholarly inquiry with your personal and professional aspirations.


  • This Master of Education (MEd) program focuses on understanding how learners’ imaginations develop and exploring ways to engage and grow imagination in learning the material of the curriculum.


  • Explore innovations in mathematics education, examine multiple perspectives on teaching and learning of mathematics, and enhance their own teaching of mathematics, while learning the latest research and innovations in mathematics education. Through guided methodologies students will be scaffolded in the implementation of this research and innovations into their practice.


  • Explore ways to integrate nature-based learning into your teaching practice.


  • Collaboratively developed by Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Vancouver Community College (VCC). Both institutions have a commitment to the improvement of teaching and learning in higher education and a desire to foster community engagement in the Province of British Columbia.


  • The K-12 Educational Leadership cohort program is designed for practicing educators and administrators in the public, private, or independant K-12 school system. The program develops the research capacity and leadership skills of K-12 educators and will equip them for innovative practice in their contexts. It offers students a coherent program of study that integrates theory with practice, in addition to an opportunity to engage in a research project.


  • Collaboratively developed by Simon Fraser University (SFU), the Lower Similkameen Indian Band (LSIB) and Nicola Valley Institute Of Technology (NVIT). This two-year MEd Educational Leadership program takes place on the traditional unceded territories of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band (Cawston, BC).


  • The Post-Secondary Educational Leadership cohort program is designed for practicing educators across organizations that comprise of adult learners (e.g. post-secondary, and healthcare). The program develops the research capacity and leadership skills of educators and will equip them for innovative practice in their diverse educational contexts.


  • Collaboratively developed by Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Camosun College (Victoria). The Post-Secondary Educational Leadership cohort program is designed for practicing educators across organizations that comprise of adult learners (e.g. post-secondary and healthcare). The program provides graduate students opportunities to bridge theory, research, policy and practice within a community of inquiry as a cohort. Students will also conduct research projects that directly connect to professional practice.


  • The Master of Education (MEd) program in Teaching Languages in Global Contexts offers graduate students from around the world an exciting learning opportunity focused on language education. The program is designed for students from a range of educational backgrounds and is strengthened by the diverse experiences and perspectives each student brings.



  • The Leading for Educational Change in the Yukon, EdD provides a blend of rigorous coursework and original research that meets the needs of educators who occupy positions of influence in schools, colleges, universities and health and community services. Students will focus on integrating education and leadership theory with practice and drawing on the Yukon’s unique socio-political-cultural-environmental context, preparing them to understand the current educational landscape, think for change, and enact change is fundamental to the program’s intent. The program emphasizes integrating theory with practice.



Faculty Site Sponsor

The Faculty Site Sponsor guides students throughout the program and is available to answer any academic questions. They provide academic continuity and coherence for the students’ experiences.

Cohort Site Assistant (MEd Only)

The Cohort Site Assistant is usually a doctoral student or a student who has completed the program. They act as a mentor throughout program, providing assistance to the Faculty Sponsor and students for writing and research.

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