2022 Faculty and Staff Awards

September 23, 2022

Nominations for the Faculty of Education’s Faculty and Staff Awards for 2022 are now open!

You're invited to recognize the exceptional work and significant achievements by our staff and faculty. Nominations can be made by faculty members, staff members, and students.

Award descriptions and nomination instructions are outlined below. For each nomination, we ask the nominator to list the names of two (2) other faculty, staff, or students who have agreed to support the nomination.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Ad Hoc Nominations and Awards Committee. Winners will be announced in December.  Details will be provided via email at a later date.

If you have questions, please contact Devi Pabla at by November 9, 2022.


Work Performance Award

This award recognizes exceptional performance that is consistently above and beyond the call of duty, and also recognizes efficiency and professionalism in serving faculty or students.

Achievement Award for Innovation/Special Project

This award recognizes the successful completion of a complex project that makes a significant contribution to the operation of the Faculty of Education. It also recognizes originality in developing and implementing methods and procedures for the betterment of the Faculty.


Award for Excellence in Scholarly Teaching

This award is offered to recognize and showcase excellence in scholarly teaching among faculty members, faculty associates and instructors in the Faculty of Education.


The award winner's excellence in scholarly teaching is demonstrated through a letter of nomination, other evidence permitted by the University such as student evaluations, a teaching portfolio including artefacts, such as the syllabus for one or more courses in which students engage in some of the following activities:

  • review the literature related to a particular issue or problem;
  • undertake a conceptual inquiry;
  • construct a theoretical framework;
  • design a study or an artistic performance; 
  • collect and analyze data; 
  • conduct a scholarly analysis of data; 
  • consider the ethical implications of research.


  • A letter of nomination, and a syllabus for one or more courses is submitted to the Awards Committee. 
  • The Committee reviews the nominations and course syllabi.  

Award for Excellence in the Supervision of a Graduate Student Thesis

This award is offered to recognize and showcase excellence in graduate student supervision among tenure-track faculty members in the Faculty of Education.

Nominations can be made by graduate students, faculty members or members of the thesis examining committee. Normally, nominations will be made for the supervision of a thesis/dissertation defended in the previous two academic years. The $1,000 award will be added to the recipient's professional development (pro-d) fund.


The award winner's excellence in graduate supervision is demonstrated by:

  • A letter of nomination describing the supervisor's contribution to an outstanding graduate student thesis through practices such as helpful, comprehensive, and timely feedback. 
  • A copy of the student's thesis and other supporting documents. 
  • External scholarly recognition of the student's excellence as determined by one or more of the following:
    • an offer of a prestigious position such as a professorship or a senior position in an organization
    • post-doctoral work
    • an award for the thesis
    • thesis work accepted for publication

Distinguished Contributions to Scholarship in Education

Established in 2019, this award is offered to recognize and showcase Distinguished Contributions to Scholarship made by faculty in the Faculty of Education.

Nominations can be made by faculty members, program directors or students. Nominees should have a demonstrated and sustained record of distinguished, exemplary accomplishments in their scholarly or creative work and/or innovation relative to their rank and stage of their career. The $1,000 award will be added to the recipient's professional development (pro-d) fund and will be presented in December in time for recipients to list their award on their CV.


The recipient's excellence is demonstrated by:

  • Demonstrated achievements in their field, while also demonstrating alignment with the Faculty’s strategic objectives according to the 5-year Academic plan;
  • Have a national and international scholarly reputation;
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to collegial leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Staff and Faculty

Team Building Award

Established in 2019, this award is offered to recognize a staff or faculty member who demonstrates great effort to boost camaraderie amongst their colleagues by working to create a sense of community, collegiality, unity and fun.

Nominations for this award may be made by faculty or staff members. All nominations will remain confidential unless approved for sharing by the nominator.


The nominee should demonstrate some or all of the following characteristics:

  • enthusiasm and initiative with the goal of boosting morale and a sense of camaraderie amongst colleagues; 
  • extraordinary collegiality with other staff and faculty in Education, other SFU departments, students, and external contacts; 
  • exemplary effort to champion the goal of community building within our Faculty.

Community Engagement Award

Building on the fine tradition of the Jack Paterson Award, the Community Engagement Award is open to both staff and faculty. This award recognizes exemplary service and outstanding contributions to the Faculty of Education by an individual member of faculty or staff, normally of a voluntary nature. The contribution may be made in the line of work, but it will have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty and will have contributed to the wellbeing of a community within the university or benefited in a substantial way a community that is related to the work or the mission of the Faculty of Education.

  • Nominations for this award may be made by faculty members and staff members.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The purpose of the Faculty of Education Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize and honour a faculty or staff member who has “made a difference” in the faculty. This award provides special recognition to an individual who through their actions and contributions has provided dedicated and outstanding service over a sustained period of time and had a significant impact on faculty, staff and students.


The nominee must be: 

  • a current staff member or member of the faculty at the time of award presentation 
  • have served the faculty for at least 20 years