Celebrating research excellence and faculty accomplishments at FASS Forum 2024

March 28, 2024
Eldon Yellowhorn and Robert Bandringa enjoy a mocktail at the FASS Forum reception

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) celebrated the many accomplishments of the past year in its annual event, FASS Forum. FASS faculty, staff, and graduate students commemorated at the Halpern Centre at SFU Burnaby.

FASS Dean Laurel Weldon opened the event with a warm welcome and a reflection on the many incredible accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni over the past year including the ground-breaking research published by our nationally and globally renowned scholars.

Weldon commended FASS' research excellence which has seen widespread media coverage and amplification this past year, with our experts speaking on topics ranging from the war in Ukraine to vaccine mandates. Partnerships with research societies and Indigenous communities have further advanced our commitment to public outreach and reconciliation.

FASS Forum hosts a much anticipated series every year, a sequence of flash talks presented by numerous scholars within our faculty. FASS is a large and diverse faculty and the flash talks provide a much welcomed opportunity for our academics to share their vast research with colleagues in other fields. Topics ranging from the concept of home for Muslim minorities in China to bias in police photo lineups, faculty members gave attendees a three minute overview of their respective research fields.

We were grateful to host a keynote from Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC), Nicholas Reo. Reo (Anishinaabe) is a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and recently joined the Department of Indigenous Studies as part of the first group of researchers to ever receive a CERC appointment for Simon Fraser University.

At FASS Forum, Reo introduced the concept for his CERC research project “Coastal Realities and Regeneration”. His research project will support Indigenous land and sea-tenure systems, land-based healing practices, foodways and associated knowledge. This multi-site CERC will amplify Indigenous leadership in coastal tenure and contribute research relevant to Indigenous collective continuance and land repossession.

The evening wrapped with a lovely reception where wine, mocktails, and canapés were shared amongst the faculty accompanied by live piano music. We are pleased to have another great turnout for FASS Forum and we look forward to gathering and celebrating next year.

Faculty Flash Talk Presentations

  • Aaron Hoffman, Political Science
    Reporting risks: Terrorism and Climate Change in the News
  • Adele Quigley-McBride, Psychology
    Using Psychological Science to Improve Judgments & Decisions in the Legal System
  • Atiya Mahmood, Gerontology
    "Inclusive Environments" and "Aging in the Right Place": Community Engaged Research and Knowledge Mobilization
  • Cornel Bogle, English
    Making Life: Transnational Intimacies, Archival Poetics, and Caribbean Cultural Production
  • Deanna Reder, English & Indigenous Studies
    The People and the Text: a Neglected Indigenous Archive
  • Endre Begby, Philosophy
    Belief Formation in Antagonistic Information Environments
  • Holly Andersen, Philosophy
    Metaphysics and Methodology and Causal Modelling
  • Janice Jeong, History
    Conceptualizing Mecca as a Home for Muslim "Minorities" in China
  • Joanna Peplak, Psychology
    Emotion: A Key to Child Wellbeing
  • Mariam Georgis, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
    Globalizing Indigeneities: Visibilizing Assyrians in the Present 
  • Martin Santamaria, Economics
    Indigenizing the Curriculum and Experiential Learning as Tools for Student Engagement
  • Mary O’Brien, Linguistics
    HR professionals and Accent Bias
  • Prof-Collins Ifeonu, Sociology and Anthropology
    Understanding the Sociopolitical Incorporation of Racialized International Students in Canada
  • Radoslav Dimitrov, Political Science
    Global Climate Change Politics
  • Ryan Fitzgerald, Psychology
    Are Eyewitnesses Reliable?
  • Sarah Walshaw, History
    Sharing is Caring Pedagogically Productive! Student Contributions Build Connections
  • Spyros A. Sofos, Global Humanities
    Rethinking Populism: Culture, Politics and the Construction of 'the People'
  • Zoe Todd, Indigenous Studies
    Ichthyology, museums, and Indigenous legal orders—caring for fish kin in the stacks

Want to learn more about what happened in FASS this past year? Download the FASS Forum 2024 booklet, which celebrates our many accomplishments in research, academic excellence, engagement, and more.

Want to learn more about what happened in FASS this past year? Download the FASS Forum 2024 booklet below, which celebrates our many accomplishments in research, academic excellence, engagement, and more.

2024 FASS Forum Booklet. Click to read.