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There are many ways to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in FASS. You may choose to complete a major, two minors (at least one in FASS), an honours program, a joint major program, or a joint honours program. You can also create your own unique program combination, such as a major in one subject and a minor in another. The options are endless.

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Programs Available

  Honours Joint
Major Joint
Extended Minor Minor
Anthropology X X X X X X
Behavioural Neuroscience X   X      
Cognitive Science X   X     X
Creative Writing           X
Criminology X   X X X X
Economics X X X X X X
English X   X X X X
French X   X X X X
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies     X X X X
Gerontology           X
Global Asia           X
History X   X X X X
Humanities X   X X   X
Indigenous Studies     X X   X
International Studies X   X X   X
Italian Studies           X
Labour Studies     X     X
Legal Studies           X
Linguistics X   X X X  
Philosophy X   X X X X
Police Studies           X
Political Science X   X X X X
Public Policy           X
Psychology X   X X X X
Sociology X X X X X X
World Literature X   X     X