President's Dream Colloquium on Conversations to Action

Colloquium Syllabus

Spring 2021

Meeting Time:
Day and time to be determined (based on participant schedules)

Course Format

The webinar will be supervised by Professor Helen Leung and led by graduate student peers in a workshop environment.


This course will meet virtually. The schedule for the class meetings will be determinded based upon the availability of those enrolled.  


The course will be completed on a S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) basis for graduate students and and Pass/Fail from undergraduates.. An Pass or S-grade is fulfilled by full attendance and participation.


INS 897 is a 5 credit course.  

Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students in ‘per unit fee’ programs are charged a set tuition fee for each unit enrolled per term.

Graduate students in ‘per term fee’ programs are charged a set tuition fee for each term of enrollment.

How to Apply


Seating in this course is limited. Preference is given to graduate students and undergraduate students in their final year of study.

Please return completed applications to

Colloquium Syllabus

Potential Colloquium Course Outline

As parts of this course will be developed by the featured scholars in conjunction with the class, the potential course outline below, is subject to change.

Week 1 - 6

Discussion of readings; brainstorming and preparing engagement projects
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Topics (working titles; will revise once confirmed with guests)

Week 7 - 12

Virtual interaction (live or asynchronous) with guest researchers
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1-2 will be bigger live public virtual events

Week 13

Wrap-up & reflection