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Dr. Amy Hsieh 謝一如 receives Dean’s Convocation Medal

As one of SFU's most outstanding graduate students from the Faculty of Science, Dr. Amy Hsieh is recognized with the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal. On behalf of SFU, we congratulate Dr. Hsieh on her outstanding achievements.

June 04, 2024

Dr. Amy Hsieh earned a cotutelle PhD between Simon Fraser University (SFU) and National Taiwan University (NTU) in just over 3 years, where her thesis, Influence of a Rapidly Uplifting Orogen on the Preservation of Climate Signals, developed new methods for interpreting climate using previously overlooked records preserved in Earth’s sedimentary strata. She also focused on resolving different controls on paleoclimate proxy records in environments influenced by changing temperatures, tectonics, and ocean circulation in the northwest Pacific region.

Not only has Hsieh earned her PhD at SFU, she also completed her MSc and BSc in the Department of Earth Sciences in an SFU journey that started in 2007.  Hsieh worked as a Hydrogeologist for environmental and engineering consulting companies professionally since completing her master’s degree, up until the second year of her PhD. She’s worked as a Teaching Assistant at SFU and NTU and a substitute lecturer at SFU; managed a variety of industry projects; mentored junior staff in field work and data analysis; and, is now a member of the EDI task force for the International Association of Sedimentologists.

In addition to receiving an NSERC PGSD award to support her research, she’s earned numerous fellowships, awards, grants, and scholarships throughout her doctoral studies and research. Prior to completing her PhD, she also had three first-authored and two co-authored papers published.

Hsieh was co-supervised by Dr. Shahin Dashtgard (SFU) and Dr. Ludvig Löwemark (NTU). Dashtgard has high praise for Hsieh’s accomplishments while at SFU. Says Dashtgard, “There is no question that Dr. Hsieh is an incredibly worthy candidate to receive a convocation medal. She is a shining example of what an SFU education offers and of the global impact of SFU research. Having Dr. Hsieh represent SFU at convocation allows us to not only celebrate her achievements but also reinforces the global impact of SFU research!”

“I am honoured to receive this medal, and very humbled to be in the company of such exceptional scholars from SFU. However, this achievement is not my own. It represents the collective efforts from my mentors, friends, and family who have supported and guided me along the way,” says Hsieh.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to my supervisors, Dr. Shahin Dashtgard and Dr. Ludvig Löwemark, whose commitment to my growth as a scientist and mentorship helped me to push the boundaries of existing research. I will carry the lessons I’ve learned from you always, and I will endeavour to pass them on.”

Hsieh, continues, “My time during my PhD was also much more than just about academic growth. It gave me the opportunity to return to my birthplace and reconnect with my Taiwanese heritage and family. For that, I will always be grateful.”

Hsieh will be starting her postdoctoral research at the University of Lausanne June 1, where she will be studying the influence of arc-continent collisions on carbon sequestration in tropical regions.