SFU Private Awards

Due in large part to the generosity of our donors, Simon Fraser University can offer a number of donor-funded awards to our graduate students. These awards vary in amount and number depending on the terms of reference of the award, as well as the availability of funds. 

2019 Spring Private Awards Competition

This competition is for remaining donor-funded awards that were not offered in the Fall 2018 term. This competition includes both one-level or two-level competition.

 Application process:

  • Carefully read through the terms of reference to ensure that you are eligible to apply for the award. You should also consult the list of values for private awards (pdf) as this may contain additional instructions for applying on GA3. For instance: you may need to apply to a Centre or another department for an award.
  • For awards that you APPLY for: 
    • Oct 18 is the deadline to submit the online application to your Department via GA3 (https://gradawards.sfu.ca) for Spring 2019 awards. Note that your Department may set an earlier deadline for an award so you can check with them for special instructions. You must also submit all the required documents found on the terms of reference for each award via GA3.
    • If you cannot find an award on GA3, then that award may no longer be available, or your Department may not have opened up the competition to their students. Make sure that you apply to the correct Department or your application may not be considered.  Consult the list of values for private awards (pdf) for extra instructions.
    • Check the notes section on the private award list for special instructions on how to locate the award on GA3.
  • Some awards are by NOMINATION only:
    • Students cannot apply for an award that is designated "by nomination" only. In this case, only the Department can initiate an application on the student's behalf.
  • Award recommendations are normally sent by departments to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies via GA3 by November 9 for the Spring 2019 award competition.

Students have to be registered full-time in their graduate program in order to receive their award payment in the term that it is offered and paid.

Simon Fraser University reserves the right to change award amounts and timing of payments based on the availability of funds from the endowment or annual donation.



* Private Awards Values.pdf
This year's values for each private award
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View this sorting option if you want to see all the private award values for your Department