Curriculum & Instruction: Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education MEd - Fall 2021


The Master of Education (MEd) in Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education is designed to fill the growing hunger for contemplative perspectives and practices in our educational institutions, communities, and world at large.

The program builds the foundational human capacity for thinking expansively, clearly, complexly, and creatively, which requires us to be emotionally open and relational as well as non-reactive, mentally centered and attuned, somatically grounded and in harmony. 

Goals of the Program

  • Develop resilience (in the post-pandemic world) by theory and practice of contemplative inquiry;
  • Develop “contemplative capacity” in an age of anxiety, depression, vulnerability, and distraction;
  • Grow as leaders, educators, scholars, as students within an institution, as citizens, parents and caregivers, by becoming intellectually curious, broad-minded, emotionally balanced;
  • Enable to deepen, extend, and refine leadership perspective and skills;
  • Develop a contemplative education “disposition” that contributes to educational philosophy and practice;
  • Develop “sustainable selves” (Adelman, 2014);
  • Learn within a robust, broad, deep and coherent conceptual framework that builds on the knowledge, wisdom, and understandings developed so far in the contemplative education field;
  • Learn from and work with leading scholars in the field.

A graduate program in contemplative education provides unprecedented opportunities for educators in any human services fields to infuse their leadership with increased discernment, advanced abilities in critical analyses, increased compassion, empathy, and emotional attunement, and a more holistic and integrative approach to the complex environment of education today.

Ideally Suited For

Educators, leaders, service-providers and decision-makers in both public and private settings who are seeking deeper levels of inquiry and transformation to apply contemplative theory and practices in their respective institutions.

  • Location: SFU's Vancouver campus
  • Start Term: Fall 2021 (September)
  • End Term: Summer 2023 (May)
  • Application Status: Closed
  • Tuition 2021/22*: $3,150.84/term
    *Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

  • Information on program delivery modes for programs starting Fall 2021: due to the ever changing situation with COVID-19, we are not able to provide information on program delivery modes for Fall 2021 at this time. If programs are to be delivered remotely in these terms, we will inform applicants as soon as any announcements are made by the university.


Missed an Information Session? Watch the video recording to learn more about the program.


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